5 Apps That You Must Install on Your New Smartphone



Bought a new Smartphone? Woohoo… So, it’s time now to install your favorite mobile apps. Without these apps, your Smartphone is not providing you the best out of it.

Let’s see what are the best apps for your Smartphone:

Daraz App

In this world pandemic, it is risky to go out for shopping. When you have the Daraz app, then why would you go to your local shop? You can buy the best products online with special discount offers right from your home.

You don’t need to step out of your door to buy the latest tech gadgets or home groceries from the Daraz application. You can install this app on your Android phone or on your iPhone for free. 

If you are going to buy a watch for yourself, you might not differentiate between replica watches and original watches from your local store. But from the Daraz app, you have the option to buy 100% original watches from the manufacturer’s store.

Food Panda

Again, if you are starving and you need to buy some food from the best restaurant in your city, then no need to step out of the house. 

Just install the Food Panda app on your Android device or on your iPhone and find amazing deals on your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. This app is available in most of the cities of Pakistan. And the best part is, this is free to install.


If you want to travel all around the world then you need to install the TripAdvisor app on your Smartphone. You might need to get full information about your travel destination, you might need to book a hotel or even you need to book a maxi taxi in Perth.

You will find reviews about different destinations, services, and much more from real customers.

App Lock

Your banking apps that have data of your bank account and your credit cards must be secure. App lock is an app that can be sued to lock any application on your mobile.

Let it be a pre-installed application or the application that you installed on your Smartphone, App Lock can lock any application that you can. It will prevent unauthorized access to apps that have your personal data. It will also prevent deleting a protected app without your permission.

Nike Training Club

If you are concerned about your fitness but you can’t focus on your daily workout routine or the diet plan, then you need to get help from your Smartphone. You can find a lot of fitness training smart apps that can be used to have an eye on your daily routine workout.

With that, these apps can also suggest your best diet plan and can take a record of calories in and calories out on your watch meal and workout session. 

Nike Training Club is one of the best free fitness app that can be installed on iPhone and Android devices. You will have a lot of features in this app that can help you in obtaining your fitness goals. 

Teleprompter App

Communication is a
must in this pandemic situation too. And uses of Zoom has increased almost 200%
in last year. We suggest using a teleprompter
app for zoom
meetings which can make your zoom meeting more meaningful.

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