What is Local SEO? Local SEO Cheat Sheet for Small Businesses


What is Local SEO?

SEO stands
for Search Engine Optimization – it means ranking your business on the front
page with the desired key phrase. Local SEO means ranking your business,
products, or services on Google in local search queries.

Local SEO
is an economical and effective way of marketing. So if you are running a
business in your city, you are a candidate for local SEO.

Ranking a business in local search queries is quite different from ranking a business at the national level. For small businesses looking to increase their local search engine visibility, hiring a local SEO company is the best way to ensure that their website is optimized and their online presence is strong.

Are SEO and Local
SEO Same?

Local SEO
is different from national or global SEO. National or global SEO means
connecting your business with global searches, and Local SEO means connecting
your business with local searches.

Here is the
cheat sheet of 7 points regarding how to make your local SEO lucrative.

1- Create a Robust
Presence on Google My Business (GMB)

For instance, you are selling used mobile phones Nokia 3.4 or Realme C15 in your city, and want to
grab more new customers, it’s essential to create your business listing on GMB.

You need to
add your business name, phone number, physical location, hours of operation,
and services – and you are all set to start attracting new customers.

Keep in
mind add accurate information about your business to gain maximum benefits. 
Do not
forget to add the latest events or offers through the Google My Business

2- Focus on Getting
5 Star Reviews

to ‘Brightlocal,’ more than 80% of the customers read online reviews before
buying anything. This means if your business profile has good ratings, chances
are you will attract more customers.

So focusing
on getting 5-star feedback is very important to be visible in local SEO.

3-  Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

To become
successful in local SEO a responsive website is essential. A responsive site
automatically adjusts and adapts according to the device screen resolution.

So it’s a
simple equation – a responsive website means you have bright chances to attract
customers who are searching from their smartphones.

4- Add Local

Do not
forget to add local keywords to your strategy. You can find local keywords
through Google’s own keyword planner – this is absolutely free.

If you have
an idea about what people are searching for locally, you can create a robust
local SEO strategy. By knowing your targets, you can produce good content which
will have bright chances of winning at local SEO.

5- Add Location

essential to add local pages to your website if you have one or more than one
physical location. Add your business details in location pages like:

Business name

Business address

Business phone number

Business email address


Google Maps

Parking availability

Wifi facility


6- Add Your
Business to Online Business Directories

There are
many online business directories like Yelp, Foursquare, MapQuest, and more.
Adding your business to these websites will not only boost your customers’
reach but also local SEO.

7- Build
High-Quality Backlinks

high-quality backlinks still the most powerful way to become successful at
local SEO strategy. All you need to do, write an informative article about your
business, find out authority sites in your niche, reach out to them, and ask
for publishing your content.

How to improve
local SEO

So by
following these easy methods, you can improve your local SEO in days. Once you
will be successful to rank your business on the front page, you will have
greater chances of attracting new customers.

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