Mobile Hacks That Every Smartphone Owner Should Know


Whether you are a student, a businessman, job holder, job seeker or even if you are a housewife, most probably you have a mobile phone that you use on daily basis. To make good use of your mobile, you must know these simple mobile hacks that will help you to make your mobile safe and productive.

So, let’s check these simple and easy mobile hacks and learn how these hacks can be benefitted for you. But before that, you must check these 5 must-have apps on your Smartphone.

Protect Your Apple ID or Google ID

Most people forget their Apple ID or Google ID that they use on their mobile phones. When they need to hard reset their phone or forget the lock code or pattern code, they need that Apple ID or Google ID in order to use their mobile again after the reset.

The best way to protect your Apple ID or Google ID is to use the same email address to make your Google or Apple ID that you use on daily basis. Or if you need to change the email address then send your new email, password, security question, and all other important details of that email to your permanent email address that you use on daily basis.

Make DIY Mobile Cover

Do you love your mobile? If yes, then you should protect it from dust, scratches, and accidental drops. For this, you need to use a mobile cover and you can find a lot of options for the mobile cover of your model. 

But you can make these mobile covers at your own, or you can also make DIY cell phone holders. These cell phone holders will look amazing and if you need to charge your mobile and there is no place to keep your mobile near the socket, then you can fix a cell phone holder near the socket so that you can keep your cell phone in that holder without any hesitation.

Here you can check a lot more simple and easy DIY crafts for your home, office, and for the kids as well.

Protect Your password

Another problem that many mobile owners face is their lock screen password or pattern lock. When you forget your lock and you haven’t set the fingerprint sensor as well, then you might be in trouble and you might lose all your important data. 

The best practice is to keep your password or pattern lock secure by writing it on paper and keep that paper in the mobile box along with the warranty card. So if on any day you forgot your mobile password, you can check it in the box of your Smartphone. I will be safe for sure because almost everyone keeps the warranty card of the mobile in a secure place along with the mobile box.

If you forgot your password and you even don’t write it in a secure location, then you can refer to the video below to learn how you can unlock your phone without losing your data. But remember this method will work only for a very limited number of mobile models from Samsung, LG, and Motorolla. 

Unlock Pattern Lock of Samsung Mobile Without Data Loss

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