Career Opportunities in Full Stack Web Development

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How wonderful would it
be when, while working on software programming, you could have someone in your
team, who had experience in all aspects of web development! In the field of web
development, there is a person who can assist the team in different stages of
development. The work is not limited to either back-end or front-end. They
handle both, in other words, they handle a ” Full Stack”. The
professional that handle this role is called a Full Stack Developer.

As a part of the front
end development, a full stack developer has to carry out the following tasks:

       Dealing with the interface and user-facing

       Developing the navigation, interface, and visuals

       Focus on user experience

       Utilizing HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript

In the backend
development, he has to accomplish the following tasks:

       Dealing with the server and database of the

       Creating the back frame that allows front-end

       Utilizing Python, Ruby, and PHP – Store user
information in the database.

A person who has done a full stack web
development course
can take build a
career in Full Stack Web Development. We will discuss the educational
requirements and other career opportunities going ahead in the article, but
first, let us understand how a Stack developer is different from other

How a Stack Developer Stands Out from Other Developers?

Stack is a collection of
technologies that are used to create web applications. When a group of software
components team up together to form a system, it is called a software stack.
Stack Development refers to the process of developing a software stack that can
support a software system. A Stack Developer’s job is related to web


HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
jQuery, and backend frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Node.js can be
considered examples of stacks. Here, the Stack Developer is one who all have
expertise in all of these technologies and are able to create applications
using any of them. Stack Developers might also have specialisations in a
certain aspect of the stack technologies such as front-end development or
back-end development.


Job Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer

In the role of a Full
Stack Developer, one is required to carry out the following activities:

       Help with software design and software

       Design user interactions on the web application.

       Work with graphic designers to design new

       Develop application programming interfaces.

       Develop Representational State Transfer services

       Software Optimisation by testing software debugging

       Be regulatory updated with the technical
upgradation for software optimization.

       Write codes for front-end and back-end of the

       Create servers and databases for backend of the

       Ensure compatibility and optimisation in multiple

       Communicate the efficiency of the latest
technologies to decision-makers.

       Consider security, maintenance, scalability, and
other factors for development.


Career Opportunities


A person who has the
knowledge of Full Stack Web Development, can don the following hats:


       Full Stack Developer

       Back-end Developer

       Front-end Developer

       Web Developer

       Web Designer


We have already about
the responsibilities Full Stack developer has to fulfill. You have also gained
some idea about what tasks a Back-end Developer and a

Front-end Developer has
to carry out.


A Back-end Developer is
required to make the “hardware” of the technology for the company.
Knowledge of Java, Python, Ruby and PHP is useful out these tasks. Note, since
the tasks of a backend developer required precision and high level of
expertise, the pay scale of Back-end Developers is generally higher than that
of full stack developers.

To a Front-end
Developer, the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript comes handy. The task of a
Front-end Developer generally involves web-designing but how it differs from
the role of Web Developers lie in the fact that web developers develop the
back-end more than a front end developer.

The tasks of a Web
Designer has a lot of similarity with the front end developers. Web designers
work extensively with the look and feel of the websites.

Knowledge and Skills Required


Aspiring learners can do
a certification course. Alternatively, if they have a degree in Computer
Science, Computer programming, Statistics, Software programming, or any related
field, they can pursue a career in Full Stack Web Development.


Besides education, for a
successful career in full stack web development, it will be useful for a
candidate to possess a few skills, which are as follows:


       Python – this language is used to write code for
different types of software development, programming, and web development.

       Ruby – It is an open-source programming language that is
used to write code at the back-end.

       Java – Desktop apps, web and android development
requires the application of Java. So back-end developers need to know this

       Web Architecture
Knowledge of web architecture
is required since a Full Stack Developer will handle both front-end and

Design Skills
– This is required
because the website should look attractive to the customers.

– JavaScript is used to write
codes for both frontend and backend and it is compatible with modern web
browsers. So it is one of the essential languages for a Full Stack Developer to

       PHP – Back-end developers find learning PHP helpful.

       Git and
– Git is a tool used for
the management of source code history. GitHub is used for collaboration,
version control, and code hosting.

and CSS –
Hypertext Markup
Language is used for adding any type of content to a website. Cascade Style
Sheet is used to describe the presentation of web pages that includes fonts,
colors, and page layout.

Other than the technical
skills listed above, it is good for the professional to possess a few soft
skills such as:

       Time Management


       Attention to Detail

       Creative Thinking

       Clear Communication


A Full Stack Developer
is often paid a lucrative salary. Reports suggest that the average salary for
Full Stack Developer $75,057 in the US. Additionally, they can get bonuses
worth $4300 every year. Therefore honing your skills in this area, networking,
and proving your qualifications as a Full Stack Developer is worth the while.






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