The importance of NCERT books to strike it big in CBSE exams

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NCERT is credited with the task of developing text
books both at a primary and secondary level for the students. The moment we
talk about NCERT books and how students are going to prepare for their CBSE
exams one of things that emerges is that they need to focus on the fundamentals
to have a fair understanding of the concepts.
Class 12 Biology NCERT book
is all inclusive as it is accomplished in a true sense, and CBSE hardly
understands anything beyond these books.

To enhance the learning abilities of the students and
develop their comprehension skills, along with problem solving and analytical
ability a new concept like exemplar problems has emerged. This caters to
students in the class 11 to 12 criteria. These problems are not only for
examination purposes but their aim is to formulate learning in schools. A
student is bound to gain immensely once they master the concepts. They learn
the basic techniques that is associated with problem solving. Below are
mentioned some of the  key benefits of
NCERT books along with NCERT exemplar problems for CBSE students

an easy language in depth understanding is provided

The NCERT books are written by experts after extensive
research on each topic. Their main aim is to provide reliable and authentic
information to the students. Such books are designed to serve the needs of each
student irrespective of their intelligent quotient. Apt knowledge along with
information is provided in an easy to understand format. Every topic in these
books is being covered in a detailed manner. If you go on to study NCERT books
in a meticulous manner all your doubts will be cleared. Even an understanding
of the complex topics and subjects will be provided in an easy manner.

books adhere to the CBSE curriculum

This happens to be another reason class 12 biology NCERT book
is beneficial for the students. One of the striking points of this book is that
it adheres to CBSE curriculum. So for the students these books would be more
than sufficient as they can study for their board exams and clear the
competitive exams. For example studying for JEE NCERT books turn out to be a
perfect base. All the question papers which are asked in a board exam adhere to
the NCERT curriculum.

fundamental concepts are understood in details

The books of NCERT are sufficient to cover the entire
CBSE syllabus. But all the topics along with fundamentals related to the topic
are explained in an easy to understand format. The language is clear and
precise where students are able to grasp the topics in a better way. Once your
concepts are clear you do not have to mug up the topics over and over again.
Just you need to revise the formulas during the time of the exams. For all
these reasons NCERT books are rated to be the best when it comes to clearing
your concepts.

suited for your board exams

If you check out the old board papers then you will
find that most of the questions are asked directly or indirectly from NCERT
books. For example in the last 2 years Maths which was considered one of the
toughest subjects, most of the questions were asked from Exemplar books. Most
of the time CBSE  tweaked the questions
of these books on to their paper. Then the students who have completed NCERT
books go on to claim that the questions are not in the syllabus. But the
students need to understand that they need to understand the concepts properly
and be aware on how to apply them. It is important that they study these
concepts properly as nothing is asked beyond these books in the exam.

a number of problems to practice

However hard you work on a topic you will not succeed
till the point you practice on the same. In the NCERT books you are going to
find questions at the end of the chapters. There can be short or long
questions, fill in the blanks or quizzes. So that the student scores optimum
marks in the CBSE exam they need to practice these concepts properly. Apart
from that it would be beneficial if you solve exemplar problems. In this manner
you will be able to answer the twisted questions as well.

To conclude there is no need to refer any additional
books. Most of the time it is seen that these reference books tend to have
concise notes, without explaining the concepts problem. Still if you want some
help platforms like
can be a saving grace. There are quality subject
matter specialists who are going to guide you at each and every step of your
education path.

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