5 Innovative Promotional Tool for Marketing



5 Innovative Promotional Tool for Marketing

It’s crucial to have good marketing tools available so that you can grow your business. Promotional tools will help you to do that. These are five innovative marketing tools for promotions.

1. Masks

Custom masks are highly innovative right now because of what the world is currently going through. This type of promotional item will speak volumes to your clients. For one, it will let them know that you are on board with keeping them safe through these challenging times.


The fact that you’re offering them masks is a huge statement that says you care about their welfare. You also have complete artistic freedom with the masks.


You can have them design in any way or fashion, and you can add your company logo to them along with a variety of other information that you feel is relevant to your cause. You can get some amazing prices on those items, as well.

2. Drawstring Bags

Custom drawstring bags are another excellent idea if you want to offer your customers and prospective customers a good promotional item. They are versatile items that your prospects can use for a variety of things.


They can use such bags to take their lunches to work or their gym clothing to the local fitness center. They can also use these items to carry their school books to college. Drawstring bags can make awesome grocery bags, as well.


The best part about it is that your company logo will display on the bag every time they have to use it. The recipients will always be reminded to contact your company to have their needs met.

3. Mouse Pads

Mousepads are a good idea for promotional items because everyone needs them. There isn’t a person around who doesn’t need a mouse pad. Mousepads are also highly visible. Thus, your company’s name will flash in front of the recipient’s eyes repeatedly.

4. Post Its

You can also have some custom post its made up for the customers who need to write themselves notes every day. The number to your facility can be printed on each post it so that they see it every time they need to write a new one.

5. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are old-school promotional gifts, but they still work. People still enjoy having a cup of coffee every day. Therefore, your efforts to promote your business will never fail if you offer coffee mugs to the community.


They will see the important information about your business on their mugs every morning as they have their initial wake-up cups of java. This promotional gift, as well as the others, should bring forth a change in the number of clients you receive. You can always try some alternative tactics if you find that it doesn’t work well for you.


Those are a few suggestions you can use to market your product and services to other people. Try some of these strategies and see how they work to improve growth within your business.


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