The Worthy Splurge: 6 Reasons Why Your Watch Should Be Rolex


If there is one thing that we often buy to celebrate a milestone or to mark a significant moment in our careers, it might be a nice, valuable luxury watch. When watches assume a certain level of elegance, they not only become accessories that tell time. They become a status symbol for everyone to see. Among all those famous luxury watches, only a few brands come to mind—one of them is Rolex. For the longest time, this brand has become a partner for all men and women who are successful, classy, and dominant. If you are just about to purchase your luxury watch, here are some of the reasons why it should be a Rolex watch:

  1. Top-notch quality

If you have enough money to splurge, only to get the best watch, then Rolex will be the right one for you. For the longest time, this brand has established a name of its own. Forbes even named Rolex one of the most famous brands in the world. Famous personalities, celebrities, and the rich and famous all wear the brand’s watches. One of its models is known as the “President” timepiece. Even James Bond wears a Rolex Submariner for most of his films. As a Swiss-made watch, you can rely on this brand because its timepieces have one of the highest ratings when it comes to measuring its chronometer or precision.

  1. The specific purpose for every model

The company does not build watches just because. They handcraft watches to address specific needs for the champions. Of course, who cannot resist the aesthetic appeal that those crown-brands have? If you are going to think about every watch built, you will find that they cater to specific purposes. You can often see that Rolex has been part of every momentous sports event. This is because it tailors its watches for adventure.

For example, the brand made the Submariner for divers. The brand created GMT-Master to cater to Pan Am pilots who were one of the first to experience jetlag. Its anti-magnetic watch called the Milgauss was created during the 1950s for those working in environments with high electromagnetics, like in nuclear research labs during the day.

  1. Durability

Since these watches exhibit the best quality when it comes with timepieces, you can also best believe that it endures several years. In case you do not know, there are watches during the war that still run smoothly even to this day. Since these watches are made with the utmost craftsmanship, they are also engineered to work for a lifetime and be more durable than most watches.

Not only does Rolex endure a lifetime. It is also durable in that it can withstand extreme conditions. Since expert watchmakers have fashioned the watch for sports and adventure, you can also bet that they will be your companion even in your most extreme stunt. The Explorer, for example, can withstand sharp temperature changes.

  1. Great value

If you get a Rolex watch, it will not just serve as a status symbol or a token to celebrate your milestone. It is valuable enough to be an heirloom since it holds great value. Unlike other pricey things, luxury watches retain their value even if you have already bought them off the market. Sometimes, it even increases its value if the watch that you have bought is a limited edition. This is why buying a timepiece from this brand is not entirely a splurge. It is an investment.

  1. Stylish

Rich fashionistas are crazy about Rolex watches, and we could not blame them. Aside from its prestige, value, and durability, you will fall in love with the brand’s style. Some watches are even versatile that they could go well with most of your outfit. You can even replace its strap or bracelet with other straps. The brand also offers a wide variety of designs that will suit your style. If you would also inspect its designs, you will be amazed at how intricate its details are.

  1. Good heirloom

We have mentioned that Rolex watches maintain their value that it may even pass for an heirloom. This is especially true. Compared with other properties, these watches hardly decrease their value and might always stay the same no matter what the situation of the economy is. These watches also signify a symbolic moment as an heirloom. It symbolizes hard work, success, and professionalism. These watches become a stark reminder for your children and grandchildren how hard you have worked so that they enjoy a comfortable life.

Get your Rolex watch from a reliable store

Here are just some of the reasons why a Rolex watch should be your choice of a splurge when purchasing a luxury watch. Just make sure to get your Rolex only from reliable stores, like With them, you can be sure that they only offer authentic timepieces—and the best, at that.

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