How to Build a Successful eCommerce advertising Strategy?

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 How to Build a Successful eCommerce advertising Strategy?


From focusing on the organic traffic & SEO to using Google or Facebook ads for driving the targeted traffic, you may mix and match the paid strategies with the non-paid strategies to find out which converts the majority of the people with your Google eCommerce ads


To grow the eCommerce business – no matter you have a retail presence –it is important to have a well-thought-out advertising plan for driving brand awareness as well as improve sales.




What’s e-commerce advertising?

E-commerce advertising is a practice of marketing the e-commerce website for growing brand awareness as well as generates higher leads that convert to sales and customers. Hence, the importance of developing a strong eCommerce advertising strategy must be quite obvious. The strong Google eCommerce ads will work to keep the stream of your new customers flowing in your business online and thus improve the business profits. Just ensure that you keep proper track of the profit & expenses –thus you know where to save and better optimize!


Define the target audience


Choosing the perfect target audience is a very important part of every eCommerce advertising plan. Your goods and services can be relevant for some groups of customers & less relevant for some. For instance, if you are selling baby products then your preferred audience will be women between 24 to 36 years ago. This will make a little sense than trying to aim Google eCommerce ads for the baby products at males 45 to 60 years ago.


Optimize the product page copy

You need to optimize the product web pages for the short and product-driven keywords, which include the name of a product. Suppose you sell out wedding dresses, Google search for the “bridesmaid dress” will produce the product pages if you have included the term on your ad page. Also, ensure your page headers, titles, as well as image alt text, will focus on the right keywords so that search engines will know to return the eCommerce store for the right query.


Optimize website for search

SEO even today an important part of marketing & you have to ensure that your website and your pages are optimized for the exact keywords that your audience is looking for. The keyword research will help with this. You may check out the complete guide on how you must conduct thorough keyword research. Watch for the dialect differences. Are they looking for the “timepiece” than “watch?” Ensure you are optimizing for such keywords correctly, even though the general population is looking for them is less overall.


Distribution and fulfillment plan

Even though you are starting small, it is important to have a clear understanding of your distribution as well as order fulfillment in Canada needs that can evolve when you grow. No matter whether you’re packing or shipping yourself, overseeing the small team, and leveraging the third-party fulfillment store, you have to know if your fulfillment processes will meet the demand of the upcoming marketing push. When you have written the plans, make sure you spend a good amount of your time tweaking, evolving, and refining them with time.


Put influencers on work 

That depends on what type of influencers you work with, it may not be very low cost, however, for several small and medium-sized businesses, influencer marketing does not need to cost high. Suppose you use such a strategy, you will have to reach to your influencers that the target audience follows.


Final Words 

The micro-influencers will be highly effective, even though they have just 12,000 followers than 12 billion. That is the good news, as who wants your work with Kardashian? Users generally trust the micro-influencers a bit more, seeing the recommendations as legitimate. 

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