Online Shopping Payment Methods Today


Online Shopping Payment Methods Today

The number of people is increasing significantly day by day who are indulged in online shopping. The most crucial factor is the payment mode both for the retailer as well as customers. Here we will discuss Online Shopping Payment Methods Today, which will be helpful for you:


PayPal is undoubtedly the undisputed fantastic method for online shopping payment today because it is one of the most comfortable and most familiar online payment options. PayPal has over 200 million users. Many people would have a great time shopping on the website if they can check out with PayPal. The service boasts that over 16 million businesses recently use it—the customers who use PayPal to check out convert at 80% higher rates than other payment options.


Your online shopping payment method has become extra comfortable for all Visa cardholders to check out on the shopping website. The reason behind it is there is no need to fill in all their payment information. The significant number of customers is over 200 million who are enrolled in Visa Checkout. Therefore, it enables the checkout process easier for a considerable portion of the shopping website’s audience.  

Amazon Pay:

Amazon is no doubt one of the biggest sites across the whole web. Most of the customers have their accounts with already this site. Therefore, if retailers include Amazon Pay in their online shopping store, it can make it feasible for Amazon customers to shop with the store without key in their payment data in the checkout. It makes online shopping easier for hundreds of millions of customers while offering a payment option that the company promises to have proven fraud protection.

 This payment method works great on mobile devices, which offers a seamless experience where it matters most. The setup of an Amazon Pay button to your website with the Express Integration option can take a matter of minutes only. Else, you can use their API, but it takes a little longer. However, it enables you to customize the experience which suits better with your website.

Google Pay:

Google is the biggest competitor of PayPal and Amazon for market share. This company now offers its online payment method, which is known as Google Play. According to Google, millions of their users already have card information saved to their Google accounts. It means the Google Pay option offers more convenience for a significant number of online customers.

 On the other hand, this site promises an intuitive process on desktop and mobile and top-notch security via encryption. Google Pay enables retailers to set up loyalty programs, too. They can offer digital gift cards and different deals for customers to skip the paper and plastic cards. Furthermore, Google Pay integrates with PayPal and Visa Checkout for much more.


Mastercard’s Master pass payment option is easy for any Mastercard holders for quick and easy check out from an online shopping website. It gives advanced security in the payment method you would expect from a credit card company. It includes user verification as well as tokenization, fraud monitoring, and issuer authentication. Mastercard doesn’t charge any fees to either retailer or the customer as well as the company has developers available for your help to get set up.


Square is generally associated with its POS systems for in-person payments so that you can enjoy online shopping a lot through this site. This site has eCommerce options for your website as well. Furthermore, it is a perfect choice for those who have physical retail locations and wish to start selling online. The site would be great for you if you already have a Square POS system. It’s also a beneficial option if you have a plan to open retail locations in addition to your eCommerce shop. On the other hand, there is no need for a monthly fee to add the Square payment gateway to a shopping website. It will just charge you 2.9% with $0.30 per transaction. 


Helcim is a great one-stop-shop solution for your online shopping payment needs. This site has what you require to get started selling from perfect point-of-sale hardware to their eCommerce payments. It provides a platform for retailers to create an online store via Helcim as it is on their site and comes with their built-in payment processor. This site is highly customizable and available by default with some attractive looking themes. Square have you covered if you already have an online shopping store. 

The fully-hosted payment pages enable you to include payment options on the shopping site without any coding knowledge. Square offers a solution that can be integrated with some third-party software such as Magento, QuickBooks, and Drupal. It allows excellent customization in price that depends on your monthly sales volume and average transaction rate. Reach. The amazing thing is this site will charge you nothing for using the service because it is free for both retailers and their customers. 

Apple Pay:

People who use Apple devices are approximately more than 60% in the United States. Apple Pay amazingly performs as a mobile wallet when they’re out and about. Furthermore, the one-click payment option on shopping websites accepts this payment method greatly. So it is well enough for mobile users because customers can even check out with Apple Pay if you use their touch identification, which doesn’t get much easier than that. 

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