Best FPS Games You Can Play On PC



Best FPS Games You Can Play On PC

Global Offensive

Fourth in
the Counter-Strike video game franchise,Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wasreleased
in August 2012 for gaming platforms like Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and
PlayStation 3. It is amultiplayer first-person shooters, the video game put two
teams in opposition to each other know as the Counter-Terrorists and the

All groups
are concerned with removing the other while achieving different targets as
well.Players are awarded at the conclusion of each round depending on their
individual results and their teams with in-game money to use on other weapons
or services in subsequent rounds. In the game mode, the amount of money given

acts end in a financial punishment, such as murdering teammates. In general,
winning rounds earns more cash than losing, and completing goals such as
defeating opponents brings cash prizes.There are five types of on sale weapons,
four of which are weapons and the final one is guns and grenades. The video
game has nine game modes: Deathmatch, Competitive, Flying Scoutsman, Casual,
Demolition, Danger Zone, Wingman, Arms Race, and Weapons Course.


Released in
May 24th 2016 and developed by Blizzard Entertainment this is a
first person shooting player with multiplayer mode. Before the video game
starts each player is allowed to choose from a roster of over 30 characters,
known as “heroes” Overwatch allocate players into two teams of six,
each with a particular style of play that is split into three general positions
that suit their intent.

Every hero
has a special skill kit that determines its natural characteristics such as
running speed and health points, its main attacks, multiple active and passive
powers, and an ultimate ability that can only be used after it has been charged
by causing harm to enemies and healing allies.

During the
course of a match, players change their hero, as the aim of the video games’
architecture was to promote diverse team combinations that respond to the
scenario.The game features casual game modes, professional ranking play, and
support for esports tournaments, including the Overwatch League of
Blizzard.Players earn cosmetic prizes that do not impact the gameplay when they
play the video game, such as character skins and winning poses. There are so
many FPS games you can add in your watchlist, some of them are mentioned by from where you can download the game
and different mods.

Call of
Duty: WWII

It is
developed by Sledgehammer Games for first-person shooters and was released for PlayStation
4,Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One worldwide on November 3, 2017. The video game
is the fourth installment in the Call of Duty franchise and is set in 1944.

It features
a return to conventional movement to the series, bringing it back to the
gameplay style of the original “boots on the ground” An infinite
sprint mechanic, seen in the previous two games, is included in the game.There
are eight division in the video game and each division, has their individual
distinct basic battle preparation, division guidance and firearms skills, can
be selected by players.

divisions being: infantry armored, mountain, airborne, cavalry, expeditionary,
resistance and commando. In order to use extra incentives, players need to
advance through ranks in divisions, in addition to a worldwide perk scheme
called Basic Training.

The video
game also includes a Nazi Zombie segment in cooperative video game mode. The
video game has a “hit-the-deck” attribute that encourages the player
to hop over and throw themselves on the ground in order to instantly protect their
character from receiving any damage when in the battle field.

Halo 2

Halo 2 is a
November 9, 2004 first-person shooter video game it was developed by Microsoft
Game Studios and released by Bungie. The video game was released for platforms
such as XBOX and Windows from Microsoft. You can
download Halo 2 for PC from different resources.

The game is
the Halo franchise’s second installment. A new game engine, added guns and
cars, and new multiplayer maps are included in the game.From a first-person
perspective, players mainly experience gameplay, with the viewpoint changing to
third-person for car segments.  Rune Factory 5

To advance
through the video game’s stages, players use a mixture of human and alien
weapons and vehicles. It is possible to dual-wield those weapons, enabling the
player to exchange precision, use explosives, and melee attacks for raw
firepower.The “Campaign” mode of the video game provides both
single-player and cooperative multiplayer participation options.

The player is required to complete a set of
levels in campaign mode that cover the plot of Halo 2.Inside the video game, the
players willfind secret material, including Easter eggs, notes, hidden items,
and weapons and they are hard to locate.

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