Laptop Buying Guide: How to Choose the Model that Suits your Needs



Laptop Buying Guide: How to Choose the Model that Suits your Needs

Laptops there are many. User categories, even more. A
salesperson would opt for a thin and light laptop, with a lot of autonomy and
capable of displaying huge spreadsheets; A gamer user would want a very
powerful laptop like the Acer Predator Triton 500, compact and perfect to carry
around but also powerful to play games at the best possible quality.

These are the two types of laptops, but there are many more.
What type do you belong to?

Slim and elegant, to work anywhere

Laptops that combine thinness, lightness and extreme
autonomy with which we can spend a full working day without connecting to the
charger are becoming more and more common.

It has been several years since this type of notebook began
to emerge, first within what was known as Ultrabooks.

Laptops like the Acer Swift 5 meet the characteristics of
which we speak while adding great performance, being a laptop more than ready
for almost any job. It is specially designed for the user who needs mobility
and a high-performance team thanks to its Intel Core processor and use of
solid-state storage (SSD). Its battery promises 10 hours of autonomy.

The Swift family includes other models numbered 7, 5, 3, and
1, with different characteristics and all with the same common denominator:
thin and light equipment, with great autonomy and decent performance for any
task, both professional and personal. Although the original prices of those
first ultraportables were exorbitant, today there are even lighter models for
very cheap prices.

The Touch Screen Of A
Convertible And Its Possibilities

When touchscreens arrived with smartphones around 2007,
there were already some laptops that we could ‘touch’. They were the tablet
PCs, a concept that seen since 2019 is complete prehistory.

Those touch screens have little or nothing to do with the
current ones. Many Best Monitor for Nintendo Switch
today include a full touch screen that responds to any touch with our fingers
and adds a new input and control mechanism for the user. Goodbye to the
keyboard and the trackpad or mouse, and hello to our fingers, their touches,
and their gestures.

A touch screen implies a more comfortable control for the
user, as it is a more natural way of operating a device. In addition, Windows
10 includes multiple features and functionalities specifically designed for
touch interfaces.

There are several types of touchscreen laptops. For example,
the Acer Spin 5 has a folding screen that we can rotate 360 to place it in
‘Tablet mode’, and thus enjoy a complete and powerful computer to control with
our fingers or with a specific pen. This is especially interesting to awaken
our most artistic side, and also to view multimedia content such as series and
streaming movies.

There is another type of touch laptop that is one in which
the screen is removed from the keyboard. For example, the Acer Switch 5 is an
economical laptop and designed to be very versatile, light, and practical, that
we can use 100% as a tablet or, by attaching it to the keyboard, as a
conventional laptop.

The All-Rounder For
Everything You Need

There is always someone located in the middle, and the same
happens in technology: there are always off-road laptops, capable of adapting
to different uses and possibilities.

They are tremendously versatile and complete equipment that
can satisfy (almost) any user, being tremendously competitive and efficient.
And what is better: they are also inexpensive equipment for which it is not
necessary to leave the rooms.

As an off-road laptop, we find the Acer Aspire family and in
it the Aspire 7 as the most complete team of the family. The 15.6-inch screen
and a wide variety of different options and configurations available in order
to adapt them to what the user considers.

The idea behind these off-road notebooks is to serve
whatever the user wants. From a basic use such as browsing the Internet or
office automation, to video games or multimedia editing. Aimed at those looking
for a laptop for everything, that is complete, elegant, and powerful, but also
slim and portable.

Those Based On ‘The

The overcrowding of the Internet has led to the emergence of
a curious category of devices: one that is 100% cloud-based, and for which it
is almost essential to be connected to a WiFi network.

Although many are scared of being always connected, the
reality is that our computers are practically all of the time. For this reason,
laptops like the Acer Chromebook Spin 512 are small, easy to use and efficient,
and include everything you need in the operating system, Chrome OS, for an
ordinary day today.

Although the reality is that the main market for these
laptops is education (schools and colleges whose students use these devices),
the reality is that a Chromebook can also become the only computer you need.
Although peculiar, it is a highly recommended experience that manages to
captivate many due to the ease and speed of this equipment.

For the gamer who always wants to play a little game
wherever he goes

And if before we said that the off-road laptop must always
exist, how can we not talk about the, let’s say, mastodon: the exaggeratedly
powerful laptop and focused on the gaming world.

For all those who need a high-performance computer and the
mobility to take it with them, for example, to play some games at a friend’s
house, or to go to the LAN party on duty. We will forget about characteristics
such as lightness or thinness, and we will bet on the maximum possible performance.

For example, let’s talk about the Acer Predator Triton 500,
a computer that looks normal on the outside but hides a real beast inside. Its
great asset is in the use of Intel Core i7 processors, NVidia RTX graphics,
DDR4 memory and SSDs via NVMePCIe for maximum speed.

Gaming computers usually have some peculiarities, and in the
case of the Predator Triton 500, the main one we find is the screen: it is a
15.6-inch panel with 144 Hz frequency, compared to the most common screens
around the 60 Hz. This implies that the computer will generate a greater amount
of images per second and that the user will see a greater fluidity in the
graphics generated by the game that they are currently enjoying.

Another of these curious features is the cooling, which has
been specifically designed to be as efficient as possible and reduce the
temperature of the components when they are operating at maximum power or even
overclocked. The keyboard, of course, is backlit and has been specially
designed to be comfortable with intensive use in video games.

Gaming computers are not the ones that offer the most
battery or the thinnest, but they certainly have their own market of people who
need beasts capable of moving the most demanding graphics while proposing a
very characteristic and striking design. There are more and more and
manufacturers take great care of them to offer the user the best of the
technology available today.

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