Top 12 Must Try Call Center Tools in 2021

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Top 12 Must Try Call Center Tools in 2021

59% of customers say that they have higher expectations for customer support than they had a year ago. 


However, managing phone support can be a major challenge for many growing companies. 


So, what can be done to provide customers with great phone support?


All you need is an effective call center software for your team! 


Without the right tools, customers will be left waiting on hold while agents struggle to answer queries. 


An ideal call center software will help you execute an omnichannel strategy and provide customers with the best services. 


So, irrespective of your team size, choosing the right tools to build your call center is critical. 


This post will take you through the best call center software options available in 2021.


1. HubSpot


Are you looking for a help desk software that provides advanced automation tools? 


Well, Hubspot’s help desk software integrated with Aircall is connected to its sales and marketing software. What does this mean? 


This means that no matter who the customer talks to, the front line agent will have all the information needed to resolve the issue directly in front of them.


Moreover, having a single view of this information will help you deliver a superior customer experience. 


What’s more? 


HubSpot’s call center software provides advanced automation tools and insightful reporting that will help your team improve their performance.  

Price: Free


2. CallHippo

Are you looking for an all-in-one call center software? Well, CallHippo is the perfect solution!


It helps you deliver a smooth customer experience with IVR, live call monitoring, and smart call routing. 


What’s more? 


CallHippo’s power dialer will allow you to close deals quicker and provide access to all devices’ activities and improve productivity.

You can also leverage the benefits of business tools by leveraging automated integrations provided by CallHippo. 


Say yes to smoother workflows and satisfied customers! 


Pricing: $14-$35 month per user


3. Bitrix24


To-do lists help us keep track of our tasks and complete them efficiently. 


What if you could have your contact center built around your to-do list? 


Interestingly, Bitrix 24 is one such software that facilitates team collaboration and gets work done. 


Not only does it offer a multitude of customer service channels, but it also provides live chat, email queues, and rentable telephone lines. 


Well, these were just a few features. Bitrix 24 also offers an on-premise solution for industries that are comfortable hosting their own data storage. 

Price: Free


4. CloudTalk


Call transfers and long queues are common customer complaints. The new-age customer wants faster complaint resolution and will not think twice before switching a service. 


What can be a possible solution for this? 


Well, CloudTalk’s innovative call center software is the answer to all your customer-related problems. 


CloudTalk’s custom queue feature allows support teams to distribute incoming calls. Thus, inbound calls are routed to agents best suited to solve customer issues. This helps eliminate the issue of call transfer that leaves a wrong impression on customers. 


Another interesting feature offered by CloudTalk is personalized voicemails. This is particularly useful if your team is unavailable. Customers have the choice to leave voicemails, and agents can respond to them later. 


Now, how is this useful? 


Well, customers no longer need to wait endlessly for your team to respond. Instead, they can leave a message, resume their work, and wait for your team to come up with the right solution. 


Pricing: $ 15/month



5. Dixa


Are you looking for a contact center tool that runs entirely in the browser? 


Dixa is one such user-friendly call center software. With features like advanced call distribution and caller recognition, Dixa is perfect for small and large businesses. 


Moreover, Dixa’s intuitive interface and productivity tools will help you improve both the customer and the contact center administrator’s experience. 

Pricing: $19/month



6. Zendesk


Do you know? 


Zendesk enjoys the trust of 150,000+ customers across a multitude of industries in over 30 languages. 


With 100+ third party integrations, Zendesk has established itself as one of the most effective customer relationship management (CRM) software


Can Zendesk scale with your business? 


Well, Zendesk Talk offers a call center solution that is suitable for businesses irrespective of their size. 


What’s more? 


With automatic ticket creation, agents can benefit from Zendesk’s slick help desk features and help customers across all channels. 


Pricing: $29/month



7. LiveAgent


Are you looking for a call center solution built directly on a help desk? 


Well, LiveAgent’s call center solution is a perfect fit. With LiveAgent, you can help customers over any channel. 


Do you know? 


It is one of the tools that doesn’t charge a per-minute usage fee. 


Thus, making it a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on phone support. 


Pricing: $39/month

8. Avaya Contact Center


90% of Fortune 100 companies depend on an Avaya product to manage their contact centers. 


Avaya Contact Center is an all-in-one omnichannel contact center solution that can be used to efficiently serve customers. 


What’s more? 


Avaya offers multiple advanced features in their standard platforms. Thus, making way for an enterprise-level product. 


Moreover, you can get access to reports on dashboards, desktops, email, and smartphones.


Pricing: Variable

9. Integra


What if you could provide customers with immediate responses? 


Integra’s unique IVR system will help you provide immediate responses to customers when they dial your support line. 


Moreover, this digital assistant offers several options for callers to choose from. Furthermore, the system then solves the problem independently or connects the caller to a human agent. 


Pricing: $50/month/user for Classic Plan

10. TalkDesk


TalkDesk has been designed to help big teams manage phone support efficiently.


From workforce management to industry-specific security features, TalkDesk has it all! 


It also helps teams with the tools that they need to deliver a consistent customer experience. 


Pricing: Variable

11. Five9


What could be an ideal gift for your sales wizards? 


Well, Five9 has all the tools you need to build a sales call center and provide extraordinary customer service. 


Well, the list of features doesn’t end here. Five9 also includes predictive dialing, workforce management tools, and CTI (computer telephony integration). Now, how is this beneficial?


Not only will this help agents provide better services, but it ensures that they get a chance to upsell


Pricing: Variable

12. RingCentral


RingCentral is a flexible cloud-based phone system that is ideal for both- desktop and mobile users. 


Moreover, RingCentral enables one-touch calling from any phone or internet-enabled computer. 


What’s more?


Additionally, RingCentral has powerful call delegation functionality. Thus, making sure that calls are routed to the right individual.


Price: Variable


These were some of the call center tools that will help you boost employee performance and customer satisfaction. 


Did we miss out on your favorite tool? Let us know in the comments section below!


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