QK65 Keyboard price, review 2023


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QK65 keyboard price

The QK65 keyboard is well worth the little higher price tag than the Keychron Q2 because it has a premium-looking matte finish with anodization that feels nice to the touch. Its style is similar to the more expensive Owl Mister Suit. Additionally, the keyboard includes a back weight with a number of variations, including the widely desired Chroma back plate. This function gives the keyboard an additional degree of aesthetically pleasing appeal. The aluminum utilized feels to be of great quality, however, some internal and hidden pieces have a bit of a shoddy feel. If anything, it was a clever method to reduce expenses without sacrificing the overall design.


QK65 keyboard  connectivity

The QK65 keyboard can only be connected via wired Type-C connections. Both VIA and VIAL software are compatible with it, and it is driven by QMK. These programmes make it simple to customise key layouts, macros, and shortcuts, which makes them a necessary component of a 70% keyboard.

Tech specs

Size 320mm x 115mm
Front Height 19.5mm
Angle 7.5°
Body Composition Aluminium
Plate options FR4 / PC / POM / Aluminium
PCB options Hot-swappable / Solder
Stabilizers Owlab stabilizers
Connectivity Wired only (Type-C)
Software VIA with .json until it’s merged
VIAL compatible
Powered by QMK
QK65 keyboard price
QK65 keyboard review

QK65 keyboard price

I believe the QK65 keyboard to be the greatest custom keyboard for the money in that pricing range if you can still find one for approximately S$250. There is nothing comparable in the pricing range in terms of design, build quality, and customization options. I think you are someone who cares about the design and not simply the value if your budget is about $200.

QK65 keyboard build quality

In contrast, the QK65 has a premium-looking matte surface and anodization that feels smooth to the touch and is evocative of the anodization on more expensive products. The aluminium used also feels high-quality. There are certain components, like the weight’s shell and back, that feel a little cheap, but they are all internal and hidden from view.  Choose from a solderable or hot-swappable ANSI PCB or a plate made of your choice of aluminium, FR-4, polycarbonate, or POM when ordering extra plates or PCBs for the QK65. The QK65 may offer a variety of user-defined typing experiences thanks to each PCB’s two pieces of casing foam and unique flex cuts on both the PCB and plate versions.

Buying guide

For keyboard fans, the QK65 keyboard is a versatile and high-quality solution. It provides a wonderful typing experience because to its modern features and stylish appearance. Think about the following elements before purchasing a QK65. In order to use the QK65, you must first decide whether a wired or wireless connection is better for you. Second, make sure your operating system is compatible to ensure seamless integration. To obtain the best tactile feedback for your typing style, look into key switch options like Cherry MX or Gateron. To boost your productivity and customization possibilities, take into account any additional features like RGB lighting or programmable macros.

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