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You may convert YouTube to mp4 in high definition (480px, 720px, or 4k) using the Youtube to mp4 converter. No program needs to be installed to download youtube mp4 online. 1-Support downloading YouTube videos to mp4 high definition (480px, 720px, or 4k)  from computers, tablets, and phones (iPhone, Android). You can instantly download a YouTube video in mp4 format. 

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youtube converter mp4

There are so many converters available that picking the best one can be challenging, especially since many of them are dubious or even harmful to the security and privacy of your computer. Hence, you can convert videos to MP4 without risking your internet safety. Here are a few of the top choices.

1- iTubeGo


 Clip Converter creates an Addon for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You are permitted to instantly download these high-definition YouTube videos to your Computer, Mac, Android, or iPhone while you are viewing them online. Thus you can trust Clip Converter to save an HD video from YouTube quickly and securely.

As an illustration, suppose you are watching a YouTube video that you find to be quite captivating and are anxious to download to your devices. Following the component installation, you should pay attention to the URL in the address line. Simply add “” or “” before the URL begins with “https” at this stage, or substitute shorter domain names like “” for “” Now, all you have to do is hit the Enter key, and you’ll magically be taken to the download page.
5-4K Video Downloader

6-Snap Downloader

You might be surprised to hear that this tool supports more than 500 websites, including, among others, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.
The best feature is that it enables simultaneous downloading and both high-definition and ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions. The program has a user interface that is straightforward and modern, and it works with both Windows and Mac computers.

How can I download YouTube videos to MP4 files? 

It’s really easy and simple to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format. 

  1.  Firstly Open the video you wish to download on YouTube. 
  2.  Click the share button or the URL bar in the browser. 
  3.  Now open a web browser and go to our website ( 
  4. Insert the video’s link into the search field and click the download button. 
  5.  Decide on the format you want to download in and do so. 


1 – Is this YouTube converter available for free or for a fee? 

Certainly, a lot of online resources offer free video downloaders and always will. 

2- Can I use the YouTube to MP4 Converter on my computer or smartphone?

 Yes! All you require is a web browser and an internet-connected gadget. To use it.

 3-Do I need to download any software or browser extensions? 

no manner. Our YouTube converter operates entirely online without the need for users to download any additional programs or browser add-ons. You can use any web browser to view it and download your preferred YouTube videos.

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