Useful Tips to Make a YouTube Slideshow Video in 2022

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How to Make a YouTube Slideshow Video

YouTube is the planet’s most popular video-sharing social network. Although it was just introduced 15 years ago, it has grown to be one of the biggest social media platforms, with over 2 billion monthly users.

With this many users visiting the platform per month, YouTube has managed to remain relevant in the priority lists of top social media influencers. It is also the second most visited website, with over 14 million monthly visits.

As one of the internet’s top heavyweights, YouTube provides many opportunities for users to shine as promising content creators. It provides an outlet for promising individuals to showcase their talents, arts, photos, music, etc.

There are plenty of video types in the market, each with some benefits over the other. Lately, slideshow videos have become very popular in the field of marketing. They allow creators to put forward heavy information via a systematic presentation.

There are plenty of slideshow maker tools specially built for editing slideshow videos. But before we get into the details regarding software, let us quickly define what a slideshow video is.

What Are Slideshow Videos?

Slideshow videos are a combination of images and video clips that are used to depict a brand name, products, art, music, etc. They are generally used to create dynamic, audio-visual presentations. It is customary for engaging slideshow videos to have audio-visual effects. Lately, slideshow videos have gained popularity amongst network marketers.

The ease with which these videos give viewers information is exceptional. They have turned out to be very efficient in displaying a range of products in a very short time.

There is, however, more to making a slideshow video than just coupling images and video together. Let’s delve deeper into how to make YouTube slideshow videos that are catchy and engaging.

How to Make Slideshow Videos?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating slideshow videos.

Step 1: Pick the right slideshow maker tool

The first step before making any kind of video is to pick the best online slideshow maker to perform the required task. We suggest you rely more on popular and well-equipped slideshow creators and editors. Videos on YouTube need to be engaging in order to create a long-lasting effect on the viewers.

Highly advanced slideshow editors enable you to make eye-catching slideshow videos. They usually come packed with tons of effects necessary to complete the magic you desire.

These tools will also provide you with many premade video templates, making the task easier. You’d have just to fill those templates with the appropriate images, and in no time, you’ll have a professional-looking slideshow video in front of you.

Step 2: Add the video format and images

Next up, when you open your slideshow editor, go to the video format option, and select an appropriate video format. Since you’d be creating a YouTube video, go with a 16:9 ratio, which perfectly fits YouTube’s widescreen.

After this, start adding as many pictures as you want to; you can add videos as well. You can multiply the slides if required.

Make sure to add relevant images to your content, and don’t add images in large proliferation, as it might spoil the end result. Try to keep a relatively shorter duration for each slide, and make each slide engaging by adding multiple effects.

Step 3: Add a suitable soundtrack

Soundtracks are essential in setting up the mood of the entire video. But choosing the right kind of soundtrack is not easy, especially when there are plenty of quality soundtracks to choose from.

First, decide which genre would suit your video and the images on your slides. The soundtracks should be in sync with the entire ambiance of your video.

Here are some of the emotions that different genres typically evoke in videos:

  • Ambient: For soothing, centered, and calm vibes. Like The Dutch Brainvoyager

  • Acoustic: Typical melancholic and empathetic. Like Coming Home

  • Comedic: To add some elements of fun, brightness, and excitement.

  • Electronic: Extroverted personalities are linked with electronic music. These are full-on energy tracks.

  • Hip Hop: It can portray themes like a struggle, resentment, protest, resistance, etc.

  • Rock: Best at generating emotions of passion, rebelliousness, anger, etc.

  • Corporate: These soundtracks are generally engaging and inviting.

  • Cinematic: It can induce the feeling of triumph, grandness, ecstasy, etc.

  • Funk: It is used to drive the rhythm to create an atmosphere of aggressive urban dance music.

Step 4: Add effects to mesmerize your audience

If you want your viewers to be on the edge of their seats, then use effects to jazz up the ambiance. Adding effects like multi-colored flickers, transitions, captions, designed borders, fireworks, and sparkles make your slideshow look dynamic and enchanting.

To give it a magical touch, you can use mosaics and curtain swipes, with some video clips of leaves falling, clouds raining, the cherry blossoming, etc. These effects can make your content come alive; they infuse life in still images. In addition, effects can be used to make the content more eye-catching.

While editing slideshow videos, it is always better to have a good photo slideshow maker to do the job. They come with great built-in features and transitions that fit every occasion and help you create your desired slideshow masterpiece.

Step 5: The finishing

The last step is all about cross-checking whether you have ticked all boxes correctly. After you are almost done with all the editing, take one good glance before you decide to publish it.

Make sure the resolutions of all images are as per YouTube’s format. Cross-check the soundtracks, making sure there is no mismatch with the background.

Do the same with the effects; try enriching each video slide with multiple effects. At last, make sure that your overall video presentation is enticing and that the balance between audio and video is well maintained.


The best thing about slideshow videos is that they are effortless to create. They do not take much time, especially if you have a good editor with attractive templates. A good slideshow video editing software is all it takes to create an engaging slideshow video.

Slideshow videos have been giving pretty solid results to YouTube content creators. Since people’s attention span has largely decreased, it seems reasonable why more people would want to create slideshow videos. They are to the point, and since they are a good blend of music, emotive visuals, and artistry, they also tend to be naturally engaging.

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