The Latest Sustainable Technology of 2022

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reports that the sustainability and green technology market size by 2029 will
be a whopping
$51.09 billion. The growth in this market is predicted to be massive and
this should interest business owners just as much as homeowners. 

Well, it shows that people are embracing sustainable technology for all its
benefits! Sustainable technology is increasingly offering great value for money
and incredible energy savings, and it could change your life if you embrace it

now look at the latest sustainable technology trends in 2022. By reading this,
you’ll better be able to understand how you can change your lifestyle to become
more sustainable.

Solar Battery Technology

batteries are gaining traction for both residential owners of solar panels and
businesses as a green technology. You can choose from two kinds of lithium-ion
batteries today. Those are lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and nickel
manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries.

batteries are a popular choice on the market right now. They are energy-dense
batteries in the sense that they can store lots of energy in a smaller space
than the LFP varieties.

NMC batteries are often cheaper than LFP batteries. However, the draw with LFP
batteries is they tend to last the longest out of the two battery types.

is a full range of
solar services to check out, if you’re in the market for solar panels and
a green home. They’ll be able to advise on what solar batteries might work best
for your home or business.

3D Printing Houses With Local

cement has a negative effect on the climate as the process contributes to GHG
emissions. One way around it is to use large 3D printing machines to build
houses! It sounds like something too futuristic, but the reality is people
carrying out this process today in many countries!

idea is that construction workers build houses using local soil and other
suitable materials, rather than using cement. By using local materials, there will
be fewer cement-related GHG emissions. Also, the need to transport materials
over long distances will be much less, if at all, which will lead to a
reduction in transport-related emissions. 

Sustainable Cryptos

you interested in cryptocurrencies and also concerned about the environment? If
so, you need to know that many of the cryptos on the market right now are
contributing heavily to emissions that are harmful to the environment.

might be thinking how can this be? Well, for example, to keep the Bitcoin
market running, it needs energy equivalent in one year to that needed to power
countries like Belgium, Israel, or Austria! Bitcoin and other cryptos need
energy for mining and the millions of transactions that happen every day.

solution to make cryptos less energy intensive is to change the way they
function. Instead of having proof-of-work (PoW) cryptos, a new solution is to
have proof-of-stake cryptos (PoS). The benefit of PoS cryptos is that you don’t
need as much energy to mine them or carry out transactions.

example, Cardano (ADA) is a major cryptocurrency that is seen as sustainable
crypto since it uses PoS. Other cryptos are looking to change to a PoS protocol
now since they are receiving negativity from some people about their PoW protocol.

Metaverse Fashion

all know the fashion industry in general contributes to global emissions. This
is because companies in this industry manufacture hundreds of billions of
garments a year! 

the rise of the Metaverse, clothes production could start to go down. The
reason for this is that people who choose to live more in the Metaverse are
interested in digital fashion sold there. You can imagine companies like
Versace, Gucci, Nike, and Adidas selling their clothes in the Metaverse without
having to produce crazy amounts of fossil fuel emissions in the first place.

Electric Vehicles and Charging

of the biggest sustainability mascots of our time has to be the concept of
electric vehicles. Instead of gas-guzzling cars pumping out carbon dioxide into
our atmosphere, we now have eco-friendly technology in the form of electric
vehicles to make use of.

knows about Tesla, but what about other companies producing EV technology?
Well, you can now see companies like Honda, Volvo, Volkswagen, and Mazda making
serious headway in the market. 

the good news is that new electric vehicle charging point technology is coming.
Soon, there will be home charging points that you can charge your vehicle from,
but also oppositely take energy from your vehicle and use it in your home!
These charging points are called vehicle-to-grid (V2G) chargers. 

Biodegradable Food Packaging

amount of packaging we use in our daily lives is pretty ridiculous and harmful
to the environment. However, one Boston-Based company has revolutionized the
way we can wrap food and other items to keep them fresh.

is a company that uses silk protein to create a protective layer for keeping
things fresh.
Their wrapping is fully biodegradable and the company aims to use plastic
use and food waste in the food industry. 

are, of course, other sustainable food packaging options on the table. For
instance, you can get packaging made from bamboo and rice husk. The are also
gelatin films to check out too. 

Current Sustainable Technology

now looked at some sustainable technology that stands out in 2022. However,
there are many more advancements to look out for in the coming months and
years. To live a sustainable lifestyle, we recommend you keep updated with such

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