5 Best Mobile Apps For Students

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These days gadgets are not something that can overwhelm someone. While having a variety of brands, one is to pick the most suitable one in terms of memory, quality of a camera, the durability of the battery, and many other characteristics. Right after one gets the desired smartphone, the next question stands for applications one is going to use frequently. What is more, if you are a student, you should have the most useful apps that not only do make your daily life more comfortable, but also help you to deal with academia, and so forth. For example, when it comes to writing, one is to consider checking a top-notch essay writing app, named EssayShark, which, in turn, may well help to cope with writing discourses in college or whatsoever. In order to become familiar with the best five apps for students, have a look at the list, as has been designed right down below.

Wi-Fi Finder

Having internet access is vital for doing any type of homework assignment. However, if you are not at home, you have to look for Wi-Fi. Possessing the Wi-Fi Finder application is very crucial and helpful for students. As follows, you can rapidly and easily find various Wi-Fi hotspots that are either free or paid. The Wi-Fi Finder allows you to sort your settings by location type, cafes, and hotels, for instance.

What is more, you can save Wi-Fi hotspots to your favorites so you can briskly find your beloved locations. Downloading the database, which, in turn, possesses over 140 countries and approximately 400,000 hotspots, the app is likely to work offline without any bugs and problems. Moreover, the maps that are installed in this app do not freeze your phone when it can sometimes happen using widely known ones. The Wi-Fi Finder is available to download through both iTunes and Google Play, and considering the fact that the majority of the users are students, the app is free of charge.


Indeed, everyone has heard of this app, yet not everyone has ever used it. This app is a must for graduates, which is available on almost every device. Moreover, it gives you access to all of your documents wherever you are. The synchronization is unprecedented, so be sure that you will not lose any uploaded to DropBox data. From the app, you can save papers, documentation, and assignment straight to your desktop without any effort, or easily share them with one click. In order to become a user of the app, you have to sign up for an account, which is free. That gives you plenty of opportunities to access your files from your devices, editing them, download selected ones, etc. With regards to a free version of the app, after you sign up, you will get 3 GB of free storage. If it is not enough, you can upgrade your account to get more for a minor price if need be. DropBox is an excellent app for students that allows them to have 24/7 access to their documents through any device, which saves time, space, and health. Surprisingly enough, a new feature lets users collaborate with others on, let’s say, group tasks, without gathering and sending out a myriad of emails. The app also allows you to share access to documents and files with anyone who is the user of the app. You can easily install a Dropbox application on iPhone and Android. 


A scanner is a significant device throughout academic life. And even though you don’t use it daily, you never know when you have to scan some documents, it always comes spontaneously. It goes without saying that in the past, students used to carry bulky devices from dorm to dorm to be always ready to scan anything required. Today though, scanners have transformed into mobile apps that are extremely useful, especially for academic purposes. TurboScan allows you to scan multipage documents preserving high-quality, which, in turn, you can easily store, print, send, name, and share in a diversity of ways. Important to admit, TurboScan uses advanced algorithms to discover document edges, angles, remove shadows, and set a good contrast for text or pictures. 


Even though the majority of educational institutions offer buybacks, textbooks may well be terribly pricey, and there is no guarantee that you get the full amount back. Conversely, the best thing you can do in order to not buying books is to rent them. Meaning by that Chegg application has a plethora of diverse textbooks that you can rent directly from your phone. With this app, you can look for your books, compare prices, rent the most suitable choice of yours, and even track the shipping status of it. 


The majority of students tend to have problems with being organized and keep track of homework assignments and related to their tasks. WunderList is the app to help you remain systematized. This app aims to keep graduates on schedule. As to the main features of the app, you can share your lists and team up with study groups, classmates, and whatsoever. What is more, the app allows you to sync up between your smartphone, laptop, and tablet to have unlimited access to your to-do list whenever and wherever you want. Needless to say that you can also edit your present items in the list by attaching photos, PDFs, etc., and share with your work progress with your coworkers. 

Final Words

In order to conclude, after reading the article, youngsters may well make use of their gadgets by installing the most useful apps aimed to ease their life in terms of academic things. The aforementioned applications are various, yet universal that focus on boosting one’s productivity. For example, the second app from the list might help to free up storage on PC, simultaneously creating reliable and remote space for college materials that will be saved and secure. The Chegg app offers renting books, which prevents students from breaking the bank. Last but not least, one intends to make a graduate arranged and a part of the schooling community by delegating tasks and working in groups.

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