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 Bitcoins and digital security are
undoubtedly the issues currently in the forefront, today more than ever, a
situation that affects us all. The appearance of Bitcoin plans an unprecedented
challenge since both money and its value have never been more subjective;
likewise, having it and operating it presumes to take great care in terms of
digital security.

So, we will move in the direction of seeing the challenges that Bitcoins
and the digital security that they contain. More of this at this

The cryptocurrency has been tremendously exchangeable for hard cash or
according to your preference for goods and services. Moreover, you can find
endorsement in units encrypted by digital security formalities that guarantee
change and the transaction.

In this order of ideas, the transactions executed between the users of
bitcoins registered in the Blockchain, which works for hand in hand thanks to
its technological advances, the Blockchain is a chain of blocks formed by a distributed
database. What does this refer it? It doesn’t only work on a single machine but
for several, on this, the logic of its security-based.

How would
this digital security be?

Possibly the beginning of the fame that surrounds the relationship
between bitcoins and digital security may be that cryptocurrencies continue to
become the favorite monetary sign to generate transactions outside the law,
first of course thanks to the anonymity, speed and reliability provided by the
protocols that manage them.

Bitcoin security’s vulnerability does generally give by keeping the keys

To conclude, the security measures integrate into the peer-to-peer
electronic payment system based on Blockchain. The network effect of Bitcoin,
the user base members of said network, increases the system’s security as the
chain of blocks grows.

As long as its process is under the control of honest users, the Bitcoin
network will be safe.

Is it safe to
invest in bitcoins?

They get endless arguments that validate the protectors of bitcoin that
no organization or individual manages to control bitcoin and, just like time,
they indicate that the network remains safe even if not all its users can be

In any kind, security firms propose the possibility of code theft from
any user or computer attacks against exchange houses.

Hackers are always designing programs to make bitcoin more vulnerable to
theft. Kaspersky analysts popularized the identification of the CryptoShuffler
Trojan already a few years ago, for example, designed to change the addresses
of users’ cryptocurrency wallets.

Therefore, these operations that have already do carry out cannot
cancel, and they are anonymous; any data theft has no solution. There is also
no solution if the personal code of the cryptocurrency account does forget, very
careful with this.

However, from a more technical point of view, the Bitcoin network is
based on a digital public accounting book;

In effect, this would be the Blockchain, where all movements do record
and, in turn, legitimizes the authenticity of each transaction, making them
public in such a way that the users themselves do not use intermediaries, those
who control the movement and value of the assets, avoiding manipulations.


It can report that security is one of its main attractions; Bitcoin has
been presenting an advanced encryption system with which alteration or
falsification is practically impossible.

Also, the transactions are pseudonymous, and, therefore, it is not
necessary to reveal the identity of the parties.

It reduces the risk of double-spending fraud in the same payment unit.
Yes, we are aware and clear that all cryptocurrencies in circulation are
suitable for money laundering, and this activity is increasing at an alarming

Bitcoin is too big an asset to ignore, as it can become one of the most
valuable assets in the world. Finally, many experts have expressed that Bitcoin
is excellent protection against inflation.

This last opinion is the one that creates the most stir among users and
future followers of Bitcoin because inflation seems to be the economic monster
that is killing many economies worldwide.

Given this situation, there is excellent expectation due to the benefits
of implementing cryptocurrencies in response to the inflationary crises that
have passed in front of us in recent times.

Incredibly, central banks can allow such a substitution of fiduciary
currencies of legal tender in the world, for cryptocurrencies giving all the
power to the digital market, something that we will have to wait to assimilate
and compare the results a change could generate of this magnitude.

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