Top Reasons why Email Marketing makes sense for E-commerce Stores

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Email marketing
is considered one of the best digital marketing strategies that exist today. It
offers E-commerce businesses many benefits for a fraction of the price.
Businesses can use a 
email marketing
 company to connect
with customers worldwide, generate leads, and give repeat business. Let us look
at the top 7 reasons why email marketing makes sense for E-commerce stores in

Performance can be measured

E-commerce stores
can track their performance with email marketing. There are various important
statistics such as click rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate,
etc. These statistics can give you vital information on how your customers
perceive your emails. It can define the growth of the E-commerce store.

One of the
biggest benefits of tracking these statistics is transparency. You will be able
to identify where the business needs to improve. It could be related to
unsatisfactory products and services or a flaw in the email content and design.
For example, if the open rates are low, the subject title needs to be worked
on. Ensure that you are not sending emails too often, increasing the spam
complaint and deletion percentage rate.

Email Marketing is effective

With email
marketing, e-commerce businesses have a global customer base since they can
sell and ship their products worldwide. This approach is the best
cost-effective way to get the marketing message across and increase sales +


Marketing emails reach over 79% of people.

average open rate of a marketing email is approximately 30%.

Over 4%
of people who open marketing emails make a purchase. These are some statistics
on the effectiveness of email marketing:

With effective
email marketing strategies, these numbers can be improved further.

Emails can be personalized

marketing emails is a wonderful way to connect with your prospective customers
personally. E-commerce stores have the opportunity to make their customers feel
like they are a part of the family and have a role to play.

The best way to
connect with everyone in your email lists is by sending personalized emails
they can identify with. The standard email looks boring. Instead, segregate the
people in your email list into different groups based on age, preferences, etc.

Customers subscribe to
valuable content

When you send out
valuable content, you will find that interesting prospects voluntarily
subscribe to you. Email is their most preferred mode of communication. Over 90%
of customers prefer to receive promotional emails from brands they are already
regulars with.

Businesses can
capitalize on emails by adding a call to action. It motivates the prospect to
click on the email and get redirected to the website. Emails are also effective
in providing new product notifications, increasing website traffic, etc. What’s
more, email marketing shows results immediately.

Targeted emails

Email marketing
is beneficial in generating leads for your business. Your leads are potential
customers who can be just interested in keeping you around to ready to buy.
E-commerce stores should create different sets of unique emails targeting their
prospects in all stages.

A good way to go
about this is by creating buyer personas. It will help you create valuable,
personalized content which can help the customers. For example, a prospect at
the research stage will require educational material to explain why they need
your product. If someone has expressed interest in purchasing but takes forever
to order, give them a discount.

Brand awareness

The whole point
of advertising on the Internet and social media is to raise brand awareness.
Email marketing also serves the same purpose. With newsletters and promotional
emails, customers feel valuable to the brand. This aspect is true; without the
customers, the business goes nowhere. Brand awareness can be increased by sending
customers educational, valuable content instead of pushing sales. Educational
emails are useful in gaining a customer’s trust.

Unmatched ROI

Email marketing
about products that provide a return on investment (ROI) is quick to gain the
attention of interested customers. On average, most businesses gain $44 for
every $1 they invest. There are a couple of reasons why email marketing has
such a high ROI:

Quick scalability: One email can be sent to hundreds of subscribers at
once, if not thousands. Depending on what triggered them to sign up, you can
segregate them into separate email lists.

Low costs: Email marketing is cost-effective. All an
E-commerce store needs is an email list of interested subscribers.

Automation saves time: Businesses can automate their email
marketing services and not spend much time doing so.

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