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Explainer videos are a topic that’s been on the
rise lately, with their use and prevalence increasing at an exponential rate
and it doesn’t look like this is a trend that will slow down at all. Find out
how having video content available can help you gain customers and sales in
this blog post from an Explainer Video Blog!


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offer a very
effective way to garner interest and attention in your business. A great video
can replace the need for words, thus creating a truly unique experience.


What is an
explainer video?

 An explainer video is a short, simple tutorial on
an IT product or service. Some people might even call it a “demo that
sells.” Explainer videos are becoming more important as they help to
simplify complicated processes and provide lower price points for the product
moving forward.


How do
explainer videos work?

 Explainer videos are a powerful tool in the
marketing trenches. These videos can be used to explain your marketing
campaign, create walkthroughs around your service, or even use them as
advertisements. Their strength is on a technical level but they also have an
easier and more aesthetic appeal than a photo or video. Creating them too can
take creative thought if you want to make them memorable, interesting and


Watch a
short example of an explainer video

 Creating an explainer video for your business can
help drive new customers, increase social engagement and attract future


research and create your own/ buy from another business

 Eventually, you may come across a vendor that
sells Explainer Video Content that meets the standards of your business.
Depending on who you get this content from, it will determine how much time,
money and effort is needed to create your own explainer video. You can also buy
made explainer videos which are fairly inexpensive which can save time and
energy while satisfying the original need of monetizing what would have required
many hours of work.



 Businesses, just like every other company, use
all the tools at their disposal to help grow and increase awareness. Many
businesses select brand ambassadors to communicate with potential clients and
stakeholders. Explainer videos allow businesses of all kinds to be more
effective at promoting themselves efficiently while they spend their time doing
something else important such as thinking about how to improve their service or
produce a product better suited to what the client needs.



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