What Is Hitrust? A New Focus For Healthcare Security Management


So, What Is Hitrust? Hitrust – short for Health Risk Analysis Tool – is a rapidly growing private company based in Frisco, Texas, United States which, in collaboration with other key healthcare, information security and technology companies, launched the HITRUST CSF, a web-based software tool that will enable healthcare and clinical research organisations to create digital patient health records (CPRs). The HITRUST system is being run as a service on behalf of the medical industry. However, the company has an internal development team that works “on the cutting edge” of the technology to bring new improvements to the software every six months. At the present time, the company is working on several software applications that will enable doctors and nurses to capture patient data in an organized manner.

According to an advisor, who is intimately involved in the development process, the current challenge facing the healthcare industry is the need for greater operational efficiency. Increasing operational costs have resulted in the healthcare industry adopting tighter regulations in order to maintain compliance with HCAHPS, or Health Care Administration for Health and Social Care Act.

In line with this, the company is working on several strategies to meet the challenges of maintaining compliance with HCAHPS while at the same time developing new services and products to help improve the operational efficiency of the healthcare organization. One of the most promising applications developed by hitrust is the trust Enterprise Solutions Gateway (ESG), which will allow the organisation to consolidate its healthcare data security process and business process integration. Another application, healthcare strategic solution (WSS), will allow companies that currently use multiple different data security systems the opportunity to share and use the same tools, resulting in cost and time reductions.

According to an advisor, all the latest developments in the Healthcare IT world should provide organisations with an improved view of how their IT systems work. This, in turn, will provide companies with a better understanding of how they can integrate healthcare information risk systems into their organisation architecture. With this knowledge, they can understand the risks inherent in using legacy computing systems and implement solutions that are more robust. These solutions will enable them to create a higher level of service, retain their clients and deliver exceptional results.

It is important that medical professionals, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare entities take the time to look at what is Hitrust and what it can do for their organisation. The company has an application called the Health Care Portal (HCP), which allows medical professionals and healthcare entities to access data from one centralized location and automatically synchronise documents and clinical records. With this powerful tool, they get certified compliance with health information exchange (HIE) and patient records and can also get notifications when they need to update their security controls.

The Health Care Portal gives users the chance to access secure electronic patient records and secure electronic health information exchange via the internet. With this application, they get certified assurance that they are not violating any laws and that their systems and networks are compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards. This means that as a business, they get certified assurance that they are following HIPAA standards and are adhering to a system that is reviewed regularly by independent oversight groups to ensure maximum protection.

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In order to achieve this level of security and assurance, many organisations will engage the services of third-party security auditors. The benefits of engaging security auditors is that they are capable of performing HIPAA Security Risk Assessment as well as HIPAA Certification audits. The latter gives an independent professional second opinion of the systems and networks to ensure that the organisation is compliant with all of the privacy rules set out by the government and the healthcare industry. HIPAA certifications are not only a sign of quality practice, but also demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to patient data protection. 

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