Top 5 Tips To Win Top #1 In Call Of Duty: WarZone

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While Call of Duty: WarZone is one of the most popular first-person shooting battle royale games, its popularity also makes it one of the more challenging games in the genre. In Call of Duty: WarZone, a beginner player can easily match up against gamers that are significantly more experience than them, and the result of that would be heavily tilted in favor of the experienced gamer. It could be a harrowing experience for those who have just started playing this popular and want to get better before combatting any experienced player.

If you are someone who has been on the receiving end of too many knockouts by experienced pro gamers, then this blog is for you. By following the below-mentioned tips, you will not only perform spectacularly well against pro gamers, but you will also get that chicken dinner more frequently. 

Just follow the listed tips and tricks and see a massive improvement in your gameplay immediately. Apart from the following tips, you can visit for more hacks. 

Tip #1. Plan Ahead

It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but not everyone follows this tip, which ultimately results in their downfall. But if you want to get the number 1 spot in your round, you need to incorporate this in your strategy. One of the common mistakes made by beginners is that they very easily get enticed by the loots or even the gunfights with the enemy combatants, and they completely ignore their positioning, which is vital for any strategic maneuver. Without you being in your position, your teammates can’t rely on you to cover them if, by chance, they require it, which again wholly destroys the team’s strategy. Free fire Redeem Code

By planning ahead and, more importantly, sticking to the plan, you can avoid a disaster from happening. So, the first tip is always to plan and stick with it as well.

Tip #2. Do your contracts

If you think that you know Call of Duty: WarZone because you have played other first-person shooter battle royale games, then you should throw this misconception out of your window right away. Call of Duty: WarZone is not like other games in the category and should not be thought of as such. Call of Duty: WarZone has a distinctive feature that one would not find on any other game: contracts.

Contracts offer an excellent way for players to earn some extra cash by doing some quests. Scavenger hunts are some of the easiest contracts to fulfill, and you should start with them right away to make some quick cash before opting for some higher-level contracts.

Tip #3. Setup your loadout

Call of Duty: WarZone allows players to set up their loadout before the start of around. Not many gamers use this feature as firstly, setting up a loadout could be an expensive option, depending on the weapon of your choice, and secondly, one can always loot and get weapons in Call of Duty: WarZone.

Now, while both of these reasons are fair enough, but if you want to get that number 1 spot, you need to have your preferred weapons with you as you are more comfortable using them, and even a small thing makes a huge difference in such a fast-paced game. Another reason is that you might not get a good enough weapon in the loot, which would obviously hinder you in your game.

Tip #4. Work with your team

Unless you are playing solo, you have to rely on your team to win the round. Even top players don’t try to take on the enemy team by themselves as they understand how vital teamwork is to succeed in a game like Call of Duty: WarZone and that is something you should keep in your mind. Make use of your squadmates by communicating with them when you see an enemy approaching your position so you can gang upon them. 

You can also ping your teammates when you see a loot so you guys can share it, and there is also an added benefit of covering you when you go for the loot. More often than not, experienced players can lay a trap around loot to easily target enemy players. Your teammates can quickly help you if you get in a sticky situation when looting.

Tip #5. Use killstreaks appropriately

If you have played Call of Duty: WarZone even a couple of times, then you must understand how vital killstreaks are in the game. They can easily change the tide of the game in the blink of an eye, and that is why you must invest in Killstreaks if you want to get that number 1 spot.

But you cannot just buy any killstreaks without giving it and the situation of the game due consideration. For example, buying UAVs late in the game when the circle is already too small is not an intelligent thing to do and would only waste your money. In comparison, a Precision Airstrike in such a scenario would be so much better in smoking the enemies out.

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