Top 6 ways to create powerful SEO-friendly backlinks for your website

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Today, there are more than 7.5 billion people on the planet and more than half of them are online. In other words, except for those who cannot use the internet (or those too young or old to do so), almost everyone has some kind of online presence. Some people focus on just social media accounts, but still billions of people have blogs and websites as well. 

So it does not matter what is the nature of your online platform, you need a high quality link building  approach if you want your site to be visible at a broader level. Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply post something online and add a few keywords. Search engine optimization has evolved to the point that even the newest beginners know there are hundreds of factors that impact your ranking.

Some of these factors-especially keywords-are well known. The problem is, due to the rise of voice search, keywords are no longer the dominant SEO tool. It has been noted that keywords may be outdated according to many SEO experts. And while they’re not likely to completely disappear, solely relying on keywords is suicidal. 

Let’s take a deep dive to understand what are backlinks? and how high quality link building strategies can help your website to gain more traffic.  

What Are Backlinks?

Simply put, a backlink (also known as an inbound link, incoming link, or one-way link) is a link that connects one website to another. Backlinks go hand-in-hand with organic traffic, which is traffic that comes from search engines such as Google. This is because the crawlers of search engines look at backlinks in particular when building their engine index, so the platform can better understand how your page(s) display in the search results. A backlink tells search engines how your pages and content relate to other websites on the internet. This helps in placing your page on Google relevantly so that you can attract organic traffic for the right search queries.

1. The broken-link building method

While this technique is similar to the Moving Man Method, the only difference is that instead of looking for links that are old or blank, you’re looking for links that give a 404 error. If you’ve been on the web for any length of time, you’ve likely encountered a 404 error one or two times. In the event a site is taken down completely, existing backlinks on other sites will result in a 404 error. These are known as backlinks and they act as bad news for SEO sites hosting them. 

Make sure you check broken links in the resource pages of your industry. You don’t have to click every link to find one-just use a browser extension like Check My Links for Chrome. The Broken links will be highlighted in red color, making them easy to find at one glance.

2. Guest Posting 

Guest  posting or blogging is the most effective way to reach out to new audiences. Publicizing articles on other popular websites will expose your content to new readers and give you more exposure. Sometimes, it isn’t just about the backlink, but about improving your online reputation or your social media following as well. 

Guest blogging helps you strengthen your relationships and build your audience. If you have any doubts about guest posting, remember that even Google accepts contributions on its Google Analytics blog. This is a tweet from Google showing this:






3. Promote your content

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Promotion of content is the most crucial part of your content. Right promotion can help you in reaching out to new audiences. Penning down great content won’t get you backlinks unless you know how to promote it right. To promote your best articles, you have to go out in the world and make contact with people via email.

If you want to do this, contact bloggers or websites that run weekly or monthly roundups. You can also use Google to search for queries such as “keyword + roundup.” It’s important for you to choose, in order to see results only from the past week or month.

4. Backlinks through infographics

Infographics are one of the most popular ways to drive traffic to your website and build valuable backlinks. The other great thing about them is that they are easy to understand and share. Visual data is everyone’s favorite, right? Due to this, infographics have become increasingly popular. 

If you are looking for an infographic method, choose your infographics carefully: Each should include a unique and interesting story for the target audience. Choose a topic by following trending topics and seeing what people are looking for, then create your infographic based on statistical data.

5. Business listing 

The more backlinks you have with real business listings, the higher your rankings will be.

The Better Business Bureau and Whitepages are great places for featuring your business’ NAP details and earning a backlink from a high-authority domain, but they are not always tailored to local search results. You should instead consult local online business listings that locals consult when looking for local businesses or services.

6. Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking refers to the sharing of links to websites with friends, relatives, and colleagues. Social bookmarking is a great way to use social media. Twitter and Pinterest are the most popular sites for this.

Social bookmarks store information online, not on your device. Because of this, it can be accessed at any time and anywhere who has access to the Internet.

What are other backlinks in the market?

  1. Blog and forum comments 

Everyone turns to the blogs they follow for information, but sometimes readers want or need more than what the post offers. Here’s where you come in. Identify the blogs that cover your industry, whether directly or by posting about some of the products and (or) services that form part of your own, and begin following them. You can do so for many reasons, and we’ll discuss some of them later in this article, but one of the easiest ways to do so is by going through the comment section.

  1. Link reclamation 

You might get mentioned online without any link pointing to your website. This step is usually due to human error, but the good news is that it can be an excellent source of backlinks.

Reclamation of links is simple, but very effective. People usually mention you on their blogs because they like one (or several) of your products or services. Occasionally, the post isn’t so much a review as it is a mention of your business or brand as part of a larger narrative.

To find these mentions, you can use a tool like BuzzSumo, which generates a content alert whenever someone writes about you. You’ll usually find that they’ve already included a link to your site, which is great news, but sometimes the link is not there.

  1. Write testimonials

Writing down the testimonials is the easiest method to earn quality backlinks for websites you are using. A few minutes of your time can earn you a link from an authoritative homepage. If you are a customer of that product, there’s a high chance you can get a link in exchange for a review.

How backlinks work 

Backlinks work as trust signals for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Citations in books or scientific research are similar to them. It is known as PageRank that a linking website passes value to the website it links to (it “cites” or “refers” to the linked site).

Web pages are peer-reviewed by backlinks. An article that is cited by several relevant and authoritative sources is a sign that the article contains valuable information. Similarly, many relevant and authoritative links pointing towards a web page indicate that it contains valuable information.

Your website will appear more valuable in Google’s eyes if you have links from authoritative sites. A system in which you can get such valuable links on your own would not work.

Wrapping Up

You can easily find high quality link building opportunities if you use the right resources and methods, but earning quality backlinks can sometimes be challenging. Finally, it is equally important to keep your backlinks as it is to build them. Utilize tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic to monitor your website’s backlinks.

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