How to Edit a Photoshop Action


Trying to add some
beautiful effects to your photo? Do you want to know how photographers
edit their best quality pictures with
Adobe Photoshop?

Tension not, you’ve come
to the perfect place. For better
quality image effects, you will know here all the necessary steps to edit your
best photoshop actions. Your images
will be as great as photographers who
use amazing photoshop actions.

So, why wait? Let’s go
find out everything you need to learn to know how to edit a photoshop action.

How to Edit a Photoshop Action

When you see others’
amazing photos, you may always wonder how people really do this? But you know
it’s not that difficult. You can also do it.

Now, let’s move on to
learn all about Photoshop action.

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are Photoshop Actions?

Photoshop Actions are features that allow you to add a specific amount of
commands. These commands together in a picture or image can give you beautiful

You can also
save these actions for future use. Therefore, you will be saving time with Adobe
photoshop actions when you need to use it again. There is an amazing feature.
And that is you can also edit any action to make it more beautiful for your

to do before editing a Photoshop Action

To use
Photoshop Action, you need to download it. Then you can choose to load actions
from the menu bar for this feature.

There are many
Photoshop actions are available online. But for better quality, you can buy
Photoshop actions from
Sleeklens. There
are many premium photoshop actions that you can use to make your images more effective.

starting editing, it will be better if you build a duplicate of the action and
edit the duplicate one. You can use the default action later when you need it.

a Photoshop Action

To edit an
action, you first need to select the action. It is better to edit one step at a
time. And it will also be useful for you if you think about the whole editing
process and how you want to look after editing.

Basic editing
will be moving a step in the action. For this, you need to select the command
and drag the command where you want to place it.

You can also
add a step in the beginning, ending, or in the middle. For adding a step, first
select a step where you want to put the new step in the previous action.

The next procedure is very easy. Select the record button and execute the steps you want
to add then stop the recording.

For adding a
step at the beginning of an action, you need to select the first step of the
action. When you need to add a step, you can just select the action and start

Sometimes one
or two steps are not very necessary for your image. In that situation, you can
delete them for the exclusive effects of your images.

There are many
ways you can delete a step in the action.

First, you can select the step you want to delete and drag it to
the trash icon.

Or you can simply select the step then select the trash icon.

This will pop up a dialog box.

After clicking OK, the selected step will be deleted.

There is a very interesting feature in Photoshop Action, which is copying a step in the
action. You can also copy a step like the action in Photoshop Action.

If you need to
copy a step in the action, select the Alt and drag the command where you want
it to copy.

You can also
rename your step name for better understanding. For editing the name of the
step, double-click the step and give the name which is more appropriate for
your understanding.


Now, what do
you think? Does it still seem difficult to you? I hope not.

Photoshop offers many free
Adobe Photoshop actions for
photographers. It also provides some premium Photoshop action which is better
than the free ones.

But to be
honest, if you are a beginner, it is better if you use the basic ones. You can
develop your skills by practicing. For better practice, you can go through all
the valuable information about how to edit a photoshop action.

I hope you
have learned and
practiced all you want. So, start editing today for better image

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