How Companies Are Changing Recruitment With AI



we tend to keep our private information close to ourselves, there’s a whole
range of data that we provide to various sources while surfing the internet or
looking for available job posts. All this information is used by big data
analytics to improve software capabilities and facilitate business operations.
Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, companies can now find the most
suitable candidate for the job with less effort, time, and money spent in the

take a look at some of the most impactful ways in which recruitment is being
changed by AI utilization.

Candidate screening process

companies such as and
others are always looking for additional staff to ensure the quality of their
service. However, screening for the best candidate can be daunting, and even
with the most dedicated work, we can’t be sure that the candidate we choose is
the optimal choice. Often, people join the company just to leave it the first
chance they get.

candidate screening software is not only able to distinguish the best
candidates based on their application forms and submitted resumes, but they
also have the ability to ram the online environment in search of the
candidate’s engagement and public posts on social media. The added advantage is
also the ability to predict the highest retention rate according to personal
skills and professional background to come up with the best
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, without even making contact with the person.

Video interviews

interviews are nowadays popular because of global pandemics as much as for
their effectiveness. With AI-based video interviews, this process is even more
productive because the machine is able to detect the candidate’s body language,
choice of words, tone, or eye movements during the interview. The results are
compared to other job applicants which makes the relevance of such results even

of going through hours of interviewing, employers can now turn to the machine
and say, “Please do my assignment for me, while I kickback”. Of course,
the final verdict is always up to humans.

Personality testing

skills are highly regarded nowadays in every industry, and recruitment managers
pay close attention to job applicants’ personality traits. However, people can
often put up a good show and trick even the most experienced recruiter. For
this reason, software developers utilized AI technology to come up with a
personality testing solution that doesn’t fail.

candidate could have a great history, for example, he could be working with
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 with exceptional ratings but through simple series of
games and plain questions, the software can determine if the candidate is prone
to miss deadlines or avoiding responsibility.


the best candidate for the job is difficult, especially nowadays when many
businesses are closed due to the global pandemic. AI-based software solutions
open up a new frontier, one that makes hiring new employees effortless and
effective at the same time. We hope this article made the changes introduced by
the implementation of AI tech much clearer and that you can find a purpose for
this type of hiring process for your business as well.

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