Destiny 2 Leveling Guide


If you are a frequent gamer and always wait for new
games, then Destiny 2 developed by Bungie, must be one of your preferred MMO
games. Because of all the cool features and advanced tactics, this game is
loved by everyone.

However, the game launches a new season every 10
weeks. And with each new season, it introduces new methods in leveling its
character power. Every gamer targets to reach the maximum power level of this
game. Besides that, enjoying this great game via an IPTV is considered one of the best ways. And, here is 
Top 5 Best IPTV Service Providers 2021Anyway, you might struggle to understand the leveling
up of the power of this game. Therefore, we are all here to help you with the
Destiny 2 leveling guide. Hence, let’s get started.

Destiny 2 leveling guide

To maximize the power level in the game, you should
know some aspects. Let’s know in detail.

What is the power level?

In D2,
the power level is the fancy way of displaying your level. Characters level
was once separated from power level in the game, however, they are removed now.
The only defining attribute determining which activities you can partake in is
your power level.

Your level will increase based on your equipment.
Because each of the equipment such as armor or weapons has its sole level.

So, you can expand your power level by collecting the
latest equipment. Besides, you can always infuse your existing equipment with
the new ones or replace them to increase your level.

Caps and their functions

In the game, there are 3 tiers of power level caps
which are: soft cap, hard cap, and pinnacle cap. You can achieve the soft cap
from any task and with any gear.

Once you reach the soft cap, you’ll be confronted with
the hard cap.

You have to complete the tasks that offer powerful
gear so that you can increase your level until you hit the pinnacle cap. And
you can do this by completing the weekly challenges, exotic quests, and season

Upon finishing the hard cap, you can finally try to
acquire the final cap which is the pinnacle cap. This cap provides 10 levels of
power that are much smaller gain than the last two.

But the activities become the hardest in this state
and the equipment can be earned in the dungeons, raids, Trials of Osiris, etc.

Gear drops and their

You can find 3 kinds of core loot accessible in the
game. The 1st one is the world drops which might not increase your power level
after the soft cap but will provide massive starting gains.

The second one is the powerful gear drop which is
gained by finishing specific tasks in Destiny 2. It can be classified in tiers
and with lower tiers yielding smaller power level improvements. However,
legendary (purple) and exotic (gold) loot can contain powerful gear.

The final gear loot is the pinnacle drop. And you can
only earn the pinnacles by finishing the hardest actions of the game. Anyway,
you can pick this final loot on a weekly basis which comes in legendary
(purple) drops.

Ways of fast leveling

At first, you need to choose one Guardian from 3
distinct classes. With the chosen Guardian, you can complete the story crusade,
seasonal artifact, and other activities.

Upon finishing the tasks, you will be rewarded with
drops which will increase your overall power level helping you hit the soft

Move your most influential weapons to your following
guardian once you are done with your 1st Guardian. Destiny 2 services also have
destiny 2
that can help you gain an additional
power level.

Furthermore, you can earn 2 prime engrams per day if
you reach the soft cap. Incorporate the same Guardian to finish the activities
that offer tier-one gear and continue until you get all the tier 3 gear awards.

Finally, to complete the pinnacle activities, you’ll
have to keep track of what gear you’ll need and accomplish activities depending
on their loot tables, which change with each season and its activities.

Final Words

Finally, we have come to the end of this article. I
hope in your next match, you will keep in mind the important factors from our
Destiny 2 leveling guide. Because
the power level of the game is more than just a number.

So, what’s to wait? Go and accomplish all your
missions to level up your power level to the max.

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