Top 5 Benefits of Using VPS Malaysia- Managed/Unmanaged


you are looking for the best opportunities to explore your online business, the
initial step is to make a smart choice of web hosting. There is no doubt that
you have an ample range of options. But among them, VPS (Virtual Private
Servers) are the leading and most beneficial web hosting apart from the rest-hosting options. This is because
VPS Malaysia gives you a wide range of reliable resources, an
independent hosting environment, powerful features like a Dedicated Server at
cost-effective plans.

the use of Virtualization technology in VPS gives users a positive benefit to
choose it. So, you can make your site high-performing and fast. However, using
the Malaysia VPS Hosting ensures reliable network connectivity, optimal
performance, one-click webpage loading speed, data redundancy, etc. You can
use all these exclusive benefits along with the assured reliability and high
scalability that you are looking for.

if you are curious to know the top 5 benefits of VPS Malaysia hosting that can
boost your online business and helps in rapid growth, then this guide is for
you. But before we continue our discussion, take a glimpse at the basics. Let’s
get started!

What is VPS?

stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a physical space over the web where
you can host your websites. In simple terms, it is a powerful and
self-supporting system that operates multiple virtual servers. As the name
suggested – Private servers mean all the resources are devoted to one website.
None of the other websites has the accessibility to use your resources,
webspace, etc.

VPS Malaysia Hosting, a single physical server is broken down into multiple
units using the Virtualization technology called “virtual servers.”
Further, you will get the complete package with each unit like Random Access
Memory, bandwidth, disk space, etc. Although you need to share your CPU usage
with other sites, except that you would not have to share the rest of the

the VPS Malaysia Murah (Cheap) hosting is divided into subparts: Managed and
Unmanaged VPS Malaysia Hosting.

Types of VPS Hosting

– Managed VPS hosting

Managed VPS Malaysia Hosting, the web host took all users’ workload and made
them free from server management and maintenance. So, take a glimpse at things
that your web host does for you:

Initial VPS
Malaysia Server Setup

Round the
clock server monitoring

Updates (OS,
applications, software)

Various Security patches to protect your data

Regular data
backup services.

consistent support

problem-solving support

– Unmanaged VPS hosting

hosting is also known as self-managed hosting because your web host gives you
the power and server access to operate your server. So, if you have a sharp
mind with powerful technical skills but don’t want to make any hole in your
pocket, then Unmanaged VPS Malaysia Hosting is the best choice for you. Let’s
know, being a website owner, what you need to manage:

Panel Installations

Software Installations

Ensure high
security measures

Server Management


Data Backups

Top 5 Benefits of VPS Malaysia

1.   Security as a Services

is the most prominent factor for businesses. You can expect a high level of
data security with the VPS Malaysia Hosting because the virtualization process
secures the VPS from various kinds of cyber attacks and security breaches.
Moreover, with root access, you can ensure hardened VPS security measures for
your website.

2.   Improved Performance with
guaranteed resources

discussed, VPS Malaysia gives you dedicated and independent resources that you
won’t need to share with other sites. This ensures the high availability of
resources for your website. Hence, provide better performance and speed.

3.   Better Performance

VPS Malaysia Hosting, performance is more consistent than you can enjoy because
of having an independent set of resources. Since you have your own resources,
it means no sharing that implies the performance of other websites won’t affect
your site.

4.   Affordability

hosting comes with resource limitations that are not enough to fulfill your
website needs. In contrast, Dedicated hosting means a massive amount of
investment. Therefore, Virtual Private Server is the most affordable plan if
you want to enjoy the exclusive and premium benefits to grow and explore your
business within a budget.

5.   Improved Reliability

Malaysia provider gives you more reliability hence provides you 99.99% uptime.
Therefore, with improved reliability, you can ensure fast deployment and
instant provisioning from Wisesolution. So, you can enjoy your hosting and
ensure your business stability.

Looking for the Best VPS Hosting Provider in Malaysia?
Choose Wisesolution

this point, you might be wondering about a reliable Malaysia VPS Provider that
provides you all the above mentioned plans and exclusive hosting benefits at an
affordable price. So, let me tell you that you are not very far from your goal.
We introduce you to one such web host that gives you all the high level
services to boost your business –
Wisesolution. It is one of the
leading and award winning web hosts that not only cares about your time but
also values your money. Hence provides a wide range of benefits and exclusive
features at an affordable price. Such as

VPS Malaysia Hosting Setup

Windows/Linux Operating system

Huge Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives

Flexibility to host multiple websites

Robust Infrastructure

Third-Party Software Installation

Database Optimization

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

Instant Provisioning

Rock Solid Data Security

Cpanel/Plesk Control Panels

Dual Intel Xeon Processors

Plans and prices

provides you Cheap VPS Malaysia plans with exclusive packages. All their plans
are customizable, including Linux and Windows VPS Malaysia. So, you can pick
the one that meets your online business requirements.

Customer Review


Malaysia is the ideal
web hosting
solution for every individual who wants more data security, complete server
access, better control & customization, reliability, optimal performance, and
managed services at an affordable price. Therefore, you should buy VPS Malaysia
hosting by Wisesolution to employ all these exclusive benefits at the lowest
price to smoothly explore your business.

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