Eight Tech Essentials For Avid Adventurers

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Are you a firm believer that the stress and adrenaline of an
adventure are better than a thousand days of peace? Well, you sure are a
swashbuckler – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

While you bear witness to nature’s most gorgeous sceneries, you
might intend to do more things that make you forget technology exists. However,
voyaging across rocky trails and green fields with a few handy-dandy gadgets
can make a difference for any thrill-seeker. After all, how else are you
planning to capture those mesmerizingand adrenaline-pumping moments?

Undoubtedly, the production of travel gadgets has come a long way.
From rubber sink stoppers to adapters floating loose in the luggage, you can
now lay your fingers on the tech that specializes in offering practicality,
enjoyment, and above all, convenience. 

So to make your no guts, no glory adventure easier and wilder than
ever, you’ll need a few cool travel gadgets – but what are they? Below is a
list of all of the items you can’t miss out on!

Long Range Walkie Talkies

Thrill-seekers like to travel in packs, and they often tend to split
paths just for the heck of it. So this one’s for those who love to seek
wanderlust with a little bit of solitude.

Long-range walkie-talkies are an excellent piece of equipment to help
you communicate with your buds who’ve wandered too far. You can buy more than
one to maintain contact with your fellow adventurers and know each other’s
location. Isn’t that cool?

Other than parleying in the wilderness, walkie-talkies are come in
handy for ghost-hunting activities. They offer a 3km range and a two-way radio
system, which are ideal for investigating paranormal activities within a large
area. Moreover, you can buy these exclusively from SpiritShack along
with other gadgets to make spooky escapades more fun.

Bose Sleepbuds

For an adventurer, sleep never comes easy. Luckily, the Bose
Sleepbuds are a reliable fix because they help you fall asleep quickly and
easily.But how? They don’t stream white noises or connect to anything other
than the auxiliary app. They also offer a snugfit in your ear that makes you
wonder if they’re there or not, even when you’re resting on your ear.

Once you’ve fitted the right size ear tip into the curve of your
ear, it softens a bit of the surrounding noise by fully closing the ear canal. Pre-loaded
“sleep tracks” that utilize frequency-mirroring technology to mimic calming
sounds help you sleep in peace. And when the sun comes up, the alarm will wake
you up – a quirk that is especially useful when you’re on your own.

Sitpack Zen

Though it may seem strange, the Sitpack Zen is a comfortable chair you
can pop open anywhere, anytime. Ideal for camping trips and festivities, the
Sitpack Zen chair folds into a rucksack and pleats out when you need to sit. It
is a durable and comfortable one-legged chair made with aluminum tubes and
carbon fiber tied with a nylon seat. What’s more, the design of the Zen chair
improves posture and helps with back and neck pain, which is perfect if you’re
tired of walking on your adventure and need a quick break.


More often than not, even an adaptor will not be of much help, like
when you find yourself in a tent in the middle of nowhere. But even then, you
don’t have to depend on your last recharge and hope that it will get you
through a day or two. The solution: get a power bank.

A fully charged powerbank typically holds enough power for charging
two phones simultaneously. So you can use it to charge your phone and your
camera or give your laptop some energy – all without the use of power outlets.
They come in multiple power storage capacities, so invest in one that best
suits your needs.

GoPro Hero 9 Black

If you’re ever struggling to find a camera that’s well-suited for
adventure travel, go for GoPro without second-guessing.

The GoPro is our favorite adventure camera, and the Hero 9 black
takes traveling to a whole new level of awesomeness. With 30% more battery
life, 5k and 20mp stills, rear and front screen display, this is one hell of an
action camera. 

GoTenna Mesh GPS and SMS Device

If you’re going off the grid, get your travel squadron some GoTennas.
You will be able to text each other and share your locations without Wi-Fi or
data as long as you stay within a two-mile range of one another.

Think of these as modern-day text and GPS devices that are both iOS
and Android compatible. Additionally, the GoTenna application is simple to use
and easy to set up. It also comes with an incredible bonus: the ability to
download offline maps so you can navigate through locations and move as you

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Adventure seekers want coffee. Lots of coffee. If
you’re a coffee addict like the rest, you should consider buying the AeroPress
Coffee Maker. That allows you to brew delicious coffee yourself wherever and
whenever you want without having to pay a lot or bring along much. Furthermore,
the AeroPress Coffee Maker is space-saving and lightweight. Therefore, you can
place it in your backpack as well. Don’t forget to add this to your travel packing

Bose Bluetooth Speakers

Music can take people out of their shells for a few hours, so
bringing it to your voyage wouldn’t hurt.

For this part, you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality or proper
volume while traveling because the Bose Bluetooth speakers are everything you
need. They are super-tiny, easy to handle, and offer superb audio quality. So,
sign into your Spotify account and listen to all your favorite tracks wherever
you are.


Of course, there are many travel gadgets out there that are just a
whim or only look cool online, but the tech we’ve listed above is the gear we
know is perfect for your adventures. Be it powerbanks, Wi-Fi devices, sleepbuds,
or fantastic cameras; there’s something for every adventurer. That said, which
travel gadget are you planning to pack in your bag? Whatever it may be, ensure
it’s within your budget and helps you stay wild, moon child!




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