5 Tips Promote Your YouTube Videos With Google AdWords

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5 Tips Promote Your YouTube Videos With Google AdWords

Have you always thought about the best method for effectively marketing your videos on YouTube? Have you tried countless approaches or techniques of account optimization and quality content but failed to reach a high engagement level? We were stuck in the same boat until we uncovered the importance of 5 secret tips that will promote YouTube Videos With Google AdWords. Additionally, you can also buy YouTube subscribers and more YouTube video views. Leverage these 5 techniques to improve your engagement and increase your reach on YouTube. We recommend these 5 Google AdWords strategies for promoting your YouTube videos to billions of active viewers. Start today and drive traffic to your YouTube videos. 


  1. Use Demographics and Location Targeting


Have you ever wondered what’s the best method to target your audience? There’s no surprise that your fans engage with you daily. Hence, you need to refine your audience to provide them with a memorable experience. Leverage 4 Demographic factors namely gender, age, parental status, and household income to successfully curate ads for your audience base. Here’s the simple procedure for the same: 


Click on Create Campaign and then on Video. After that, head over to Standard Awareness under Brand Awareness & Reach menu and click on People (Demographics). 


Then, go to Location Targeting to select the right area where you want to reflect your ads. This technique is highly effective. 


  1. Target Other Channels With Placements


AdWords Placement Targeting is a phenomenon that has gained huge relevance over the past few years. As the name suggests, it involves attracting viewers from other popular channels. Well, this method is indeed unique and you need to research the YouTube channels and content creators that your fans admire. After you discover those channels, you can hit them with your targeted ads. Visit the Placements section and select YouTube channels to search for a channel name or video to target subscribers. As a bonus tip, you can perform independent research for determining popular channels on YouTube. AdWords’ internal search may not be feasible for all. 


  1. Attract Interested Shoppers With In-Market Audiences


Well, as you know social media has a wide reach, it is the ideal destination for entrepreneurs and companies to promote their products. In-Market Audiences narrow down your targeting to audiences that have shown a positive response/intent to buy an item. Google considers various parameters to assess the eligibility for someone to become an in-market product or service. These comprise clicks on related ads & conversions, their site & page content visits, recency, and frequency of visits. So, you have got a sneak peek of this section. But, how can you really perform this action? Let’s find out. The In-Market Audiences menu is only available when you are editing or creating a campaign. You just need to select In-Market after going to Audiences. Google AdWords will showcase the categories of audiences that are desirous of purchasing a product. Finally, you can promote your videos to those interested people in your niche. 


  1. Find Similar Audiences With Remarketing Lists


Using Remarketing Lists is yet another option to promote your videos to a like-minded audience. This section is based on the condition that you are already ready with a well-performing audience. Google AdWords uses first-party data from a particular group or segment of the audience to promote your YouTube videos to a similar audience. Hence, you may don’t want to put in the much-needed effort. Just make Google’s machine learning system automatically choose what’s best so that you are only left with guesswork. Head to the Audiences section, choose the third option similar audiences to target and promote your YouTube videos. 


  1. Reach New Groups With Custom Affinity Audiences

Just like the former one, this one also deals with video promotion to users that have expressed interest in your products. It relates to serving TrueView YouTube video ads to your audience base. Affinity Audiences creates a win-win situation for advertisers and potential customers with a tailored targeting approach.  


Components of Affinity Audiences:


  • Interests entered as keyword phrases

  • URLs to create interest categories based on the website content 

  • Types of places that interest most people are in

  • Apps that intrigue ideal customers 


Visit Audiences, select affinity audiences, and then custom affinity audiences to unlock access to this feature. 



That’s it for now! These were our best picks for effortlessly promoting your videos with Google AdWords. For best results, you can filter out the best approach for yourself by trial and error. Never forget to take into account the available data with you and over the web to curate the experience of customers. Choose Google AdWords today and you choose your future.  




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