Property Investment for Beginners – 7 Common Mistakes


 Real estate investing is a great way to
make money as it is a lucrative business. The market is constantly evolving as
many investors purchase properties in an attempt to start out big in real
estate. Apart from just buying a property that requires a large sum of money
already, there are other legal processes that can be too complex for you as a

Your journey as a beginner investor can be
a bit overwhelming which can lead to mistakes that cost you money and time.
However, with a better understanding, you can make better choices and build
wealth along the way. If you’re looking for an investment property in Canada, Downtown Toronto condos have some options that can work
best for you. Take note of these common mistakes property investors make and
learn how to avoid them.

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Mistake 1: Wrong Investment Strategy

It is important to know the main objective of your property investment or your goals behind it, Without a plan, all your efforts towards building wealth will go in vain. Being specific about your investment goals will lead to lesser mistakes and help you navigate through the real estate market. Familiarize yourself with all the necessary research required before purchasing any property. You can also seek the advice of a property investment advisior from the UK, who can provide you with the necessary information and advise you on how to invest. The last thing you would want is to work aimlessly without any profits.

Mistake 2: Wrong Location

A very common mistake found amongst
beginner investors is choosing properties in wrong locationd. In fact, around
80% of your property’s performances depends on the location. That’s why as an
investor ensure that you buy the right property in the right location to make
the most out of it. A trend that is often overlooked by beginner investors is
looking for the next hotspot but they should be looking for area where the
local residents have high disposable income. Secondary locations too make money
but the goal is aiming for the long-term capital growth which will benefit your

Mistake 3: Wrong Property

Chosing the right property in the right
location will give a boost to your investment strategy. A property that is in
poor condition, will cost you more are you will have to pitch in more money for
repair and maintenance. Purchasing cheap properties may seem like you saving money
but it may do more harm than any good. Understanding your possible prospects
will help you rent the house better. For instance, the COVID-era has seen
people opting for family friendly houses that has a lot of space. With the
second wave in effect, key features such as home-office space, gym, gardening
are proved to be more in demand this post covid. 
Having a good eXp Realty website with IDX provides a more complete view of any given property listing, whilst also having more accurate data.


Mistake 4: Poor Financial Management

Once you have given your property on rent,
managing your investment finances is important. From rent and expenses, you
might be liable to pay your taxes. Now, most beginner investor do not understan
the importance of managing your property’s finances. Incorrect finance can get
you out of the investment game or worse subsiding yourself the mortgage of your
resources. Managing for finance will help you take care of any unforeseen
problems that may occur during your management. Keeping a steady cash flow will
prepare you for ant short-term downfall in rental income. Also, consider hiring
a good accountant to help you with your taxes and make sure the accountant is
well-versed in this qualification.

Mistake 5: Fixation on Rent

Your strategy is finding a tenant is mainly
based on the rent you are offering. While setting a price for your property,
there are many factors that you must take into consideration. For example,
insurances, management fees, council rates, land tax, repairs, and maintenance
all are added to your monthly cash flow. New investors are so focused on
passive income that they completely overlook any alternate plans in case of an
unfortunate event where you are tenentless.

A great way that can help you set a good
value rent for your property is visiting similar properties in your area that
are up for rent and analyzing the different approaches involved in renting the
home. You can use some ideas into your advantage and get a quote on the house.
Then depending on your investment and the features involved you can set a rent
value that covers your future goals.

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Mistake 6: Overruled By Emotions

Good investment opportunities are often
missed because your decisions were solely based on your emotions and not as an
investor. That’s why as mentioned before, it is important to know the main
objective or goal in your property investment. If you goal is to rent your
property, you must ensure that your investment is catered to meet all your
tenant needs. Focusing on the landlord-tenant law, will help you get a higher
value of rent on your property as your investment will be safe and offer a
healthy environment. Remember to avoid personal choices as everyone do not have
the same taste as you. Neutral designs will help you appeal to a wide range of
possible tenants from which you can profit from.

Mistake 7: Playing Too Safe

New investors avoid taking risks because
they are afraid that it lead to loss. Experience investors are always
functioning from a placeof risk in order to make a return at an expense of a
possible loss. As an investor you must learn how to manage risks so that you
won’t miss out on great investment opportunities. A great way to manage your
risks is by studying your personal risk profile which will give you a better
understanding and enable you to make appropriate and wise decisions.

Investing in real estate is an excellent
way in building a financial future as it can be quite rewarded if managed well.
Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the research and latest trends that
can help yo be aware of the risks and business opportunities for you.

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