How IoT Normalizes Work-life Balance in a Corporate Environment?


IoT has pervaded all aspects of our life and it is no wonder that it is
often not possible to disconnect from IoT technology at any point. IoT
automation begins from the time you wake up to the time you get to bed. 

Well, it even works on your sleep patterns! So, there is no escaping it.
In the corporate workspace,
IoT systems have enabled
people to work remotely. The pandemic has reorganized working environments into
work-from-home opportunities. But the flip side to this is that the employee
seems too often not able to get off the work trail. 

Work-life balance is critical to the emotional, physical, and
psychological well-being of the employee. With continual work pressures and
long hours of work, burnouts are common. What is essential is to be able to
draw a line between the working life and the “rest of your life”, so that you
can charge your batteries and come back to work refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Attend to domestic chores. Go for a walk in the outdoors or follow your
hobbies. Spend time with loved ones. Catch a movie or rustle up an interesting
meal. Let us look at ways that
have helped individuals in balancing their home
and corporate lives. 

Disconnecting from smart gadgets is one way to unwind from the digital
world. Get off your smartphone a couple of hours before you sleep. Get smart
gadgets to work for you – set up a smart washing machine or dishwasher to get
your regular chores done without your involvement. 

Use IoT devices to enhance your productivity so that you are done during
regular working hours.
can be harnessed to help you set
boundaries for work schedules and personal commitments. Use workplace
healthcare apps that will aid in tracking daily patterns so that they promote
good health. Wearables can help you manage your fitness goals. Leverage IoT
technology to leverage your social media usage.

Working from home and Home-Life balance

With most people working from home for nearly a year or more, the
concept of work-life balance seems to have been put on its head. Each day seems
to be a rabbit hole of unanswered work emails and tons of work still left to be

It is important to set boundaries to provide some time for yourself.
Your wellness depends on your emotional and physical happiness. Stress,
depression, and anxiety are often the result of working long hours, especially
with technology invading every minute of our lives. 

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