The Future of Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia


Malaysia has one of the highest online penetration rates in south-east Asia. At about 82%, it has witnessed a 28.9% surge in online sales in recent months. And while an average Malaysian consumer has at least one credit card and spends over 6 hours online, more than 50% of them end up shopping online.

The rise of every Malaysia affiliate program has been impressive, and these statistics are a testament to the fact that the positive trend will not slow down anytime sooner. Top professionals help to empower brands to grow online with their feature-rich affiliate software. Here’s what experts suggest about the future of affiliate marketing in Malaysia.

Affiliate Marketing in the Mobile-first Era

About 58% of Malaysians prefer accessing e-commerce through their smartphones and tabs, leading to 56% of transactions completed on a mobile device. This trend points to high eCommerce growth in the future, allowing affiliate marketing opportunities to thrive in the mobile-first era.

The leading consultants focus on immediate action and offer solutions to generate revenue through links quickly, click-less tracking, coupons, and a comprehensive API. They ensure the affiliate links work on mobile devices, providing higher convenience and shorter conversion paths that embedded eCommerce offers.

Influencers Will Play a More Important Role

Instagram is the 4th most active social media in Malaysia, at about 47%, but influencers’ activity will extend beyond engaging stories and marketing on the platform. While over 60% of influencers in the country are female, most of them are between 18-24.

Top Malaysia affiliate program experts suggest looking for influencers in your niche who have loyal followers and excel at producing prolific affiliate marketing content. It will ensure the influencers can market your brand in front of their free Instagram followers, creating its credibility and value in Malaysia

More Emphasis on Inclusion of Video Content

While 70% of Malaysians watch videos on mobile devices, about 60% prefer purchasing a commodity after watching the brand’s social videos.

While featuring top-notch affiliate marketing solutions, the leading experts recommend using more video content on your website. Explainer videos and how-to videos on YouTube will help raking in more landings via clickable links, thus making affiliate marketing future bright.

Automated Management Tools Will Take Affiliated Marketing to The Next Level

With automation, leading Malaysian consultants offer real-time affiliate campaign progress tracking, allowing you to view your sales and statistics. They assure complete control, transparency, real-time reporting, and automated payments.

These solutions are a step towards speeding up all action items associated with affiliate marketing. It ensures you can focus on expanding your affiliate marketing programs, which is the sure-fire strategy that defines the future of this performance-based campaigning.

Final Thoughts

Last year, there was about a 65% increase in searches for “reusable” in Malaysia, with an 85% YoY surge in “eco shop” searches. It implies that the way forward for brands is to find ways to fit into local consumers’ lives. For instance, there has been a visible spike of 55% in “Ovaltine halal” searches. 

On the other hand, the country hosts resourceful events for affiliate marketing programs in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the prospects and avenues for expansion.

Consult a reputable agency and discuss how you can utilize the excellent scope that affiliate marketing presents for the future. You can then create your brand value in Malaysia, making the best out of its thriving e-commerce ecosystem.

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