All You Need To Know About Various Types of Holsters

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 All You Need To Know About Various Types of Holsters

Want to buy a gun holster? Nothing to worry about, there are a few things that you need to look at before buying. In this post, we are going to look at some important features you want to know while purchasing the right kind of gun holsters. When you are planning to purchase the right gun holster, you must set your priorities first. You need to know the preferences while buying the gun holster. Gun “Holsters” are the highly complicated accessory items that you will ever buy for the firearm & intended use. Let us check out the different kinds of holsters that you need to consider.




Strong-Side Hip Gun Holsters

This type of holster is a familiar kind of holster that you will find in the market. The holsters are located on your shooting hand side, between your kidney and the point of the hip. There’re many different kinds of strong-side hip gun holsters available like belt slide, inside-the-waistband, pancake, or paddle holster. Whereas the strengths might outweigh the limitations, you need to consider they should be worn with the jacket or coat, a loose or larger shirt, which isn’t tucked in.


Ankle Gun Holster

Ankle holster can be used for backup guns and with stubby revolvers or semi-auto handguns. Though this holster is generally the first one that comes in mind for defensive firearm because to use the gun you will need to bend a little and pull up down your pant if you ever want to draw it and in emergency. Thus, make the right choice of holster. 


Crossdraw Gun Holster 

This crossdraw gun holster positions your gun on a belt on the support side with the butt facing more and less forward. When used, a shooting hand reaches over your body to grasp this gun & draw from the gun holster. Most of the cross-draw gun holsters are snugly fitted to a gun and eliminating any need for the safety strap. They offer good access as well as comfort when seated. An individual having a large girth, protruding abdomen and short arms may need to position this gun more forward to access this with your shooting hand, in turn, this can make the concealment tough.


Bellyband Gun Holster

It is an old and proven concealed carry technique. This belly band gun holster includes a 4-inch of wide band of elastic that the gun holster pocket is sewn in and includes the retention strap for securing your gun.


Small-of-the-back Gun Holster 

Next on the list is a small-of-the-back holster, this is one of the best gun holsters that you must consider buying. This holster offers the best concealment that you will want to have from the front. The only thing is the back and side view may draw bulge in an area when the medium and large frame firearm is carried. 


Retention is the issue and gets you from behind, and comfort will be limited particularly when you are sitting. Access to your firearm is tough as reaching behind & underclothes can be one tough task and will be pointed in the unsafe direction if pulled from a holster. Thus, you need to be very careful when choosing the gun holster. 


Final Words

When you are selecting the gun holster for the concealed carry, you need to know that this holster should fit you in the right way, the gun, and lifestyle. There are many different varieties of holsters are available in the market, and they must offer you concealment, retention, and access. So, next time when we discuss different kinds of carrying modes, make sure you find the right one that suits your requirements in the right way. 



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