Top 5 Popular Video Games To Play Right Now in Pakistan



Top 5 Popular Video Games To Play Right Now in Pakistan

The gaming industry has seen a great deal of development in player numbers during the pandemic. While different ventures have endured, the gaming local area is thriving. On the off chance that you have as of late got on board with the gaming temporary fad, let us help you by presenting 5 games we figure each gaming fan should attempt. The games may look simple to get in to, however, be careful, you probably won’t get out. 

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive 

CS GO was dispatched in 2012, a continuation of Valve’s profoundly acclaimed Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Source. The gaming local area had exclusive standards from CS GO, and since its dispatch, it has satisfied them. The game has a very high expertise roof and cooperation is fundamental for winning. The game is more about nerves and persistence instead of split-second response time when contrasted with other FPS shooters. The game is very fun, however, the presence of programmers during on the web matches harms the experience. The game is accessible to download on Pc through Steam.


Hearthstone is an energizing computerized game. The game was delivered back in March of 2014 and has since been perhaps the most well-known games in its class. The game is easy to play, however as you rank up, it gets more earnestly. Every player has 30 cards with each card addressing a character, spell, or buff. Everything spins around your selection of cards, and here things get somewhat untidy. The possibility of getting an uncommon card is quite low, and the solitary option is to get one, and before you know it, you may wind up spending a fortune on them. The astounding interactivity is joined by staggering visuals and on the off chance that you need to check it out you can download it free of charge on Pc, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Honorable obligation Warzone 

The universe of gaming has as of late been assaulted with the arrivals of Battle Royales. All Battle Royale’s offer practically a similar fundamental recipe, however, every one of them is remarkable in its own particular manner. Some of them have been hits while others have been a miss. The combat area has been an immense hit, however. The game is substantially more practical than a portion of its rivals and highlights the absolute best mechanics in the class. Some different contenders offer comparative things, however, Warzone dominates in effortlessness while furnishing invigorating ongoing interaction with stupendous illustrations. An immense drawback of Warzone is its size, you’ll need in excess of 100 GB of room to download it. The game is accessible for nothing on Pc, Ps4, and Xbox One. 


MOBA’s were all the promotion in the gaming scene before the presentation of Battle Royales, they actually are quite possibly the most played kinds. At whatever point somebody says MOBA, two games come into view, League of Legends and Dota 2. Association has a greater local area than Dota 2, yet in the serious gaming world, Dota 2 rules. The game has nice visuals with awesome mechanics, and to say it has a lofty expectation to absorb information is putting it mildly. The game rotates around two groups, Radiant and Dire, each group comprising of five players. The objective is basic, decimate the rival group’s principle structure called the antiquated before they annihilate yours, however with 119 legend decisions and diverse thing blends, the game isn’t for everybody. Numerous players have put over 2000 hours in the game and are yet to completely comprehend the mechanics. In the event that you are up for a test and wouldn’t fret a to some degree poisonous local area, you can download the game free of charge on PC from Steam. 

Universe of Warcraft 

Dispatched in 2004, World of Warcraft is an MMORPG sensation. With every development, Blizzard continues to extend the game’s universe and storyline. The universe of Warcraft is a game for everybody with plenty of new substance. With every development, you get new zones to investigate and some new competitions to test. The universe of Warcraft is one of only a handful few games accessible right now which really includes a convincing storyline. In a gaming world overwhelmed by quick-moving shooters and Battle Royales, World of Warcraft holds a unique spot in our souls. The game is fun and charming, yet more than that, it’s gaming legacy. The game is accessible to buy on Pc by means of

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