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Adobe created PDF files which most people have been using in saving and sharing files. This is the reason many individuals and businesses are converting Word documents to PDF. But when you should convert the document to PDF format? Sharing documents in Word format may allow other people to copy the content. That’s why, to prevent copying or alteration of content or information, PDF conversion is the best solution. The advantage of using the PDF format is it reduces the size of the file and compatible with cross-platform.

Easy Guide to Convert Word to PDF

Having in mind some useful knowledge to change Word documents to a PDF format can make the process a lot easier.

Using an online converter

Through the help of technology, you can conveniently translate your document into a PDF file. It is possible by using an online converter. The good thing is that you can find a tool to convert Word to PDF free. Look for an online tool that allows you to convert, merge, split, create, and edit PDF files without hassle. All it requires is an internet connection to do the process. You can do it on various devices including computers, laptops, smartphones, or MacBook.

Open the webpage of the online converter and hit the button “Word to PDF.” Next, upload the Word document file you want to convert. Click the “Add File/s” if you will get the documents from any local device or computer. You can also drag the file and drop it on the box with the “Drop PDF here” option.

It takes a second to upload the file to the server. But the time may also vary depending on the Internet speed and size of the file. Once done uploading the document, hit the “Convert” button and the tool will start translating the Word documents. After completing the conversion process, you can download and save the converted PDF to your device. 

Use Microsoft Word

Another easy and free way of saving a Word file as PDF is through Microsoft Word itself. It is possible if there is Microsoft Office available on your device. Use Microsoft Office 2010 version because of its additional feature. It allows saving the Word file as a PDF.

Using Microsoft Word 2010, open the word document that you want to save as a PDF. Click the “Save as” section and choose PDF. Hit the “Save” button, and it saves the document as a PDF.

Using Google Doc

If you don’t have installed software, you can also use Google Docs to translate Word documents into PDF files. For easy sharing of PDF files, you can save them on Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can use this Web-based application to create, save, and edit contents online. It is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office.

Open Google Docs, select the file you want to upload and open it. After opening the Word document, tick the “File” on the menu bar and hit “Download”. Select PDF as the format.

Which PDF Online Converter Is The Best?

There is an array of PDF tools you can find online. It makes searching for the best one confusing. Among the tools you can use that can provide better results is the PDFBear. This online converter will let you do the job paperless by using this tool. As mentioned above, saving your documents in PDF format makes it more secure. It also makes the document more presentable and pleasing to your clients.

This tool changes not only your document to PDF. You can also change your PDF files to JPEG, PowerPoint, and Excel. It means that this tool is all-in-one, making it useful to carry out daily office work.

Best Features of PDFBear

No third-party software needed

You can use PDFBear alone because it does not require third-party software to work. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can use it on your browser. It saves you from downloading other software that may add a burden to your computer.

Works with any platform

The good thing about PDFBear is that it works with any platform. You can convert your document using Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android. It also supports most web browsers.

Encryption for security

Keeping your integrity is as important as protecting the information written in the document. PDFBear guarantees security through its SSL encryption feature. It protects your files from identity theft. Every time you upload files, the tool adds SSL protection. Thus, you can have peace of mind sharing your documents over the web.


To ensure the security of the information written in the document, the best thing to do is convert your Word document to PDF format. But not all tools can provide the result that you need. With PDFBear, you can convert Word to PDF free and secure. Be careful in sharing your documents to avoid identity theft that can harm your identity and even your business. you can also ckeck pdf to word doc

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