Does SEM Work?




Before looking for an SEM agency in Singapore, it’s important to consider whether or not SEM actually works. Furthermore, before you can even consider that, we need to talk about what it is, and how it absolutely isn’t SEO.

Well, even before that, we need to talk about why digital marketing itself is remotely important in general. Yet, we have a lot to talk to today, so let’s get started. Please read all this before you consider investing entirely too much in SEM services Singapore. A little spoiler here is that I won’t be telling you not to invest anything in the services, but I am definitely discouraging you from putting all of your eggs in one basket, and you’ll find out why at the end.

Old advertising is dead!

With the impending deaths of several mediums, including television, periodicals, radio and traditional phone services, advertisement systems that utilize this sort of environment will equally go extinct. People don’t watch TV, when they can watch whatever they want without commercial interruptions on streams. People won’t waste money on magazines and newspapers when they can just get any kind of content they want on the Internet. The way the phone system works is bound to change within the next decade or two, with traditional phone numbers and the like dying off, and telemarketing in general being outlawed in most of the world at long last. Web banners, pop-ups, junk mail and spam are blocked with malice and extreme prejudice by extensions on people’s browsers.

This means that you need a more passive, strategic approach to marketing, including SEM.

What is SEM?

Where SEO is, in and of itself and unpaid use of search engines via the strategic placing of relevant keywords and content to gain a higher ranking in search results, SEM is paid, direct marketing on search engines and any websites that allow specific search engines a place banners on their pages. If you’ve ever seen advertisements next to search results in Google, separate from the search result links, or things advertised and banners the say ads by Google, ads by Bing or whatnot, this is SEM.

It is effective when it’s one major weakness isn’t present, and if you paid attention in our previous section about old advertising systems not working anymore, you probably have an inkling what this might be. That’s right, people religiously block ads, being offended to their very core by their presence even when they’re unintrusive.

This is indeed a major Achilles’ heel, but it isn’t a universal one. Most users, even a lot of tech savvy users, don’t really have much in the way of page ad blocking on their phones, meaning that this is an extremely effective major through that channel.


The real trick is to do passive advertising through multiple channels. Yes, SEM services in Singapore can help you cover a slightly more aggressive form of advertising through phones, and people are somewhat tolerant of it when it comes to phones. Given most of the apps they use are riddled with of noxious ads anyhow, they are used to being very careful when using their screens, and will largely ignore ads that don’t catch their attention. This doesn’t mean your ad won’t catch their attention, it just means that it won’t irritate them like ads do in other places.

On top of using an SEM agency Singapore, you should also make use of SEO as your main way to be discovered, as people will find you when they are looking for what you have to offer. Utilize social media marketing as your method of broadcasting new ideas, new products or services, new deals and so forth. While SEM is actually probably not going to last very long, as phone systems will eventually become just as easy to lock out ads as PCs are, for now, this is a multipronged approach that definitely works!

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