Talent vs hard work, these are the top tips for success



Talent vs hard work, these are the top tips for success

To many, talent is
something you are born with, it can give a person an edge in a specific topic
or subject, however many may argue that hard work conquers all. A good example
for this is a talented professional who has been extremely successful in his
profession, and due to this success manages to get an early retirement and
enjoy an overseas retirement living in Spain with
San Sebastian rentals, thanks to the savings he managed to
put together during the brief but fruitful professional career.

The classic debate of
talent verses hard work can be shown in many examples, an example would be a
singers or artists, in this instance the person would need to have the voice
due to the fact that a person without the voice cannot be trained to have one
through hard work alone. One could argue that once a person identifies their
talent they may become arrogant and feel as if they do not need to work on it,
because it will always be there.

This may seem true but the
matter of the fact is one cannot improve their craft if they cannot work on it,
meaning a person’s talent cannot improve on its own.

What if we compare and extremely
hard worker with little talent in singing to an arrogant singer who has a lot
of talent but refuses to work on it.

Who would you think would
have more likely chance in to become a singer?

Obviously you’d think the
one with a lot of talent, although the talented singer would be recognized more
quickly, the matter still remains of will the person progress any further?

The answer is, very

Firstly having the
singer’s voice is a very useful attribute to possess, neck and neck with having
a rich or well off family. The more musically talented a person is the more
likely the person is to get noticed. Also a bonus of inheriting a singer’s
voice is that it will never really go, this works the same with any talent a
person might have. The talent of a person has a direct correlation with how
much potential the person has.

However there are some
with the drive and desire to outperform these gifted individuals, even if a
person was not necessarily born with the specific talent the person can
progress more than the talented bunch through hard work alone. But it’s the
case that the musically gifted also work just as hard then they will have more
of an advantage.

With solely hard work a
person can be progress to one of the best, however this is dependent on how
hard the talented bunch work, when it comes to singing not matter how hard a
person may work, if they do not have the voice then the efforts are futile.

The best methods for
success would be talent with hard work, the talent allows the person to be
heard or noticed and the hard work allows them to reach the stage where that
they desire overtime.

No matter how much talent
a person may have, it is irrelevant without hard work, determination and the
drive to succeed in their chosen career path.

The biggest advantage a
person could have in the industry is connections, it’s not about what you know
it is about who you know.

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