How to Connect with Casting Directors as a Production Company


The importance of casting directors in film production cannot be overemphasised. This is why every successful production company, with no exception, employs the services of casting directors. As a production that is assumed to have carried out detailed research on the pros and cons, you must have found out that the pros far outweigh the cons, if there are any at all. Your presence on this page is proof of that.

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As can be seen in the title of this article, this is what we address today:

We discuss the steps to follow in order to relate on an atomic level with the casting director of your choice. As a bonus, we also discuss how you find a casting director that will work wonders for your production company.

Why is this important?

It has been established that production companies need to hire casting directors to increase the chances of meeting the expectations of a film from the conceptualisation stage to the next stage. When you work with good casting directors such as the NYC casting director, Ken Lazer, you are sure to find the best actors and actresses for your movies.

Being the bustling hub that it is, we selected New York City as our case study in carrying out this research. We were able to confirm that our method works perfectly, especially with NYC casting companies. That said, let us now discuss how you can connect with casting directors as a production company looking to thrive in a competitive space:

Find the right casting director for you

Study the lists of casting directors to see the type of projects they are working on and the ones they have worked on in the past to know if they are the right fit for you. You have to know that the casting director is one that can help you achieve your production goals before you opt for them. You can also check other production listings to know the trends in the industry. This will help you know the best practices before you start working with casting directors. In this regard, every NYC casting director is a fit.

NYC Casting Director

Scan through the lists of NYC casting directors to know the range of casting directors available for you to work with. This is a good way to choose the right casting director for your production company. You can then make a shortlist of potential interests for further screening. If you want to hire more than one casting director, try to determine which is best for each project that you intend to work on. Another way to source for the right casting director as a production company is to look out for those casting directors that are casting for a particular network, or your competitors. Take note of their patterns and figure out how these patterns correlate with your goals as a production company.

Look out for casting directors with experience and connections

Whether you have a large or small budget, you have to reach out to the best NYC casting company that can you accelerate your talent search and get you the best talents as soon as possible. Building your network and having connections with a range of talents in the industry is a very important aspect of a casting director’s job. You may not fully get a grasp of this on your own, so this is why you need to work with a good casting director.

They act like talent matchmakers and they always have a range of talents within their reach. It is, therefore, their duty to figure out the strong and weak points of different actors, as well as their demands. Working with them helps your production company avoid the stress of looking for the casts that are the right fit for the roles you want to cast. They have talents in their network that are fit for main actors and those that will act background roles. Since this information is readily available to them, it will save you a lot of time, and help you avoid the frustration that comes with scouting for actors.

Ken Lazer Casting Company

When you work with casting directors that have the right experience in looking for actors and helping to conduct auditions, your production company, especially when it is new, will blossom as you will have enough time to focus on other important production concerns. You, therefore, need to have an eye for the right NYC casting company where you can get the right NYC Casting Directors as you may not easily get the right talent on your own. Sourcing for the right talent is a skill that takes time to hone.

Be polite

While your production company may be looking for a casting director to hire, which means that you will be the boss, you have to stay polite regardless. When you have a casting director in your company, it boosts the credibility of your company, especially when you decide to work with a reputable NYC casting director. Your company will be the best for it if you have a few in your company.

This is why you need to have one in your company. The truth is that they stand as the most important people in the industry. If you soil your chance of building a good relationship with them from the very beginning, it is going to be very disastrous for your company. This is why you have to stay cautious and polite when you approach a casting director. Regardless of what your company may have achieved or your status in the industry, you need to always remember that the casting director has the power to make or mar your production journey, so you need to be polite.

Send emails instead of calling

Except if you already have a relationship with the casting director, it may prove counter-productive to call your potential casting director. Sending a professional email will be the right step to take. Another thing you won’t want to do is to send a direct message on social media. While sending emails may seem old-fashioned to millennials, it remains the professional way to communicate.

Go straight to the point

Regardless of the message you want to send, make sure that your mail is apt and straight to the point. Note that the person you require an audience with is a very busy person so you don’t want to bore them with your long mail, telling them about the goals and objective of your production company. That can be left for later when you have established contact with the casting director. For now, let them know what you want, how they can be of help, and what they stand to gain from working with you. Remember the need to keep it professional. You may still choose to keep it casual by leaving out the “dear sir/madam” salutations.


The importance of the role that casting directors have cannot be pveremphasized. As a production company that understands this, you have taken the vital step of researching on how to connect with them. Follow the above guideline and you are sure to develop an interestingly mutual relationship with a casting director of your choosing.

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