Top 8 Smart Home Gadgets and Products You Need In 2020

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The global smart home market revenue is expected to reach a value of over 141 billion US dollars by 2023. 57% of Americans have confirmed that smart products in their homes save them 30 minutes per day and that’s 182.5 hours a year. 47% of Millenials already own a wide slew of smart gadgets and 70% of people are already planning to buy another one. These statistics prove that a smart home is soon going to be the new normal among many households across the world. Moreover, we are spending most of our times at home these days due to COVID-19. So, what’s better than a smart home that follows your command without asking any questions? Check out the list of eight smart home gadgets and system of 2020.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

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Most of you may already own Google Home Mini speakers. However, if you are planning to get something even better at a reasonable price, Amazon Echo Dot is the product for you. It costs $50 and the best part is it gets discounted regularly.

Significant features of Amazon Echo Dot:

· It connects to Alex, which is cloud-based voice service. Thus, you can play music, check the weather, make calls, set alarms and control other smart home gadgets as well.

· It includes a built-in speaker. You can connect it to external headphones through Bluetooth.

· You can also play music across multiple Echo gadgets using multi-room music.

The experts at MyAssignmenthelp confirmed that the Amazon Echo Dot has one small hardware advantage over other speakers. It consists of an audio-out jack. It also offers a variant with an LED clock that is embedded around the product’s edge and it costs $10 extra.

2. Google Assistant

According to research by Dentsu Digital Agency 360i and My assignment help, Google Assistant was five times more responsive than Alexa. That means the former is most likely to understand people speak naturally, thereby providing you with accurate answers.

Significant features of Google Assistant:

· You can control your smart home and other gadgets from just one place through Google Assistant.

· It helps you find information from your calendars and other relevant personal information.

· It lets you play content on your Chromecast or other such compatible gadgets.

Let’s say you don’t like a song on Spotify. Thus, you can say ‘I don’t like this song’ to Google Assistant and it will skip the song for you. It can also integrate products from brands such as August, Nest, Philips, etc.

3. Wink Hub 2

It is often known as the first smart home hub specifically designed for the mainstream consumer. Unlike other products such as Assistant or Alexa, Wink doesn’t have any particular brand loyalty. Thus, you can merge different products irrespective of their brand with Wink and get your work done seamlessly.

Significant features of Wink Hub 2:

· It consists of a new Ethernet port along with a powerful WiFi radio that supports 5 GHz and improves connectivity.

· Wink Hub 2 consists of an auto-discovery option. It makes the simple setup process lightning-quick and even more intuitive.

· You can even split up smart lighting gadgets into groups, thereby making it easier to control lights as a single group.

This smart home product supports a wide range of smart home protocols like Bluetooth LE, Lutron ClearConnect, Kidde, WiFi, etc. Are you planning to create an integrated smart home with synchronised kitchen and wall appliances? Then Wink Hub 2 is your best option.

4. Philips Hue

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Available at a price of $49.99 per bulb, Philips Hue lets you control the intensity of light easily. Whether you want to dim the room or brighten it, this bulb has got you covered. You can even create special colour-coordinated moods depending on the room and then synch it with your music.

Significant features of Philips Hue:

· It lets you set a specific timer so that all the lights or a specific light turns on or off in a room.

· New parents can use the IFTTT app to switch on a blue light whenever they get a call. That way, you don’t have to wake the baby to attend a call.

· Whether it’s a bright sunny day or a clear day, the Philips Hue can set the colour according to the weather outside as well.

This smart bulb does more than just lighting your room. You can set colour-coordinated alarms as well. That means you can wake up every morning to your favourite colour in the bedroom. This one also works with most smart home systems.

5. Ecobee4

Are you looking for the best thermostat at a reasonable price? Then Ecobee4 is the right option for you. It is available at $249 and brings a gamut of features to make your life at home easier. Unlike other thermostats, this one works as its own Amazon speaker. Thus, it can do everything that Assistant or Alexa can do. From playing music to controlling other gadgets, it has got everything covered for you.

Significant features of Ecobee4:

· Ecobee4 doesn’t have a dial. Instead, it has built-in Alexa and is also compatible with IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit.

· It tracks your home’s humidity and monitors energy usage.

· Other features include intelligent scheduling, presence detection and smartphone app control.

It works across all the rooms in your home instead of only controlling the room it is installed in. Ecobee4 also integrates with other smart home ecosystems such as Apple HomeKit and Alexa. It is also great when it comes to managing hot or cold spots in your home.

6. Netgear Arlo Q

According to the experts at, NetGear Arlo Q is an ace when it comes to smart home security. Other smart gadgets may provide you with convenience and entertainment. But, NetGear protects your home. It records superior quality audio and video. It also produces a high quality image of people in pitch-blackness.

Significant features of NetGear Arlo Q:

· The best part is that its motion detection range is adjustable up to 50 feet.

· It sends instant email alerts and push notifications as and when required.

· You can also listen in and talk back through the built-in mic and speaker straight from your smartphone.

You get to enjoy two options while using this product. One, you can let the camera record footages automatically, even when you are not at home. Two, you can set it to a time-based schedule while you are away from home.

7. Google Nest WiFi

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How can we not talk about WiFi when this entire blog is about smart home gadgets and products? After all, none of these products will do you any good if your WiFi doesn’t connect. From smart speakers to smart bulbs, all these products rely on WiFi connections and Google Nest WiFi spreads a strong, speedy signal throughout your house.

Significant features of Google Nest WiFi:

· It helps you expand the footprints of Google Assistant in your homes, thereby making it an excellent choice for anyone willing to upgrade their smart homes.

· You can control this product through your Google Home App. This app also helps you through the setup process.

· It also prioritises traffic to any of the gadgets and it comes in handy, especially when you are watching a 4K video or gaming online.

Nest WiFi is the smartest pick for anyone with a big home. It is available at $269 and comes in a two-piece starter kit. It fills at least 5800 square foot smart home with proper signal strength. The range-extended even doubles as a smart speaker. So, you can spread Google Assistant’s footprint as you extend the WiFi connection from room to room.

8. TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini

Smart plugs are cheap, simple to install and performs their functions remotely. TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini lets you turn the plug on or off even when you are away from home. You can even set it on a specific schedule through Alexa or Google Assistant. However, this plug doesn’t cover up the outlet that is adjacent to a standard two-outlet wall fixture.

Significant features of Google Nest WiFi:

· All you need is your smartphone to turn your smart plug on and off or set schedules.

· You don’t need a separate hub to make it work. The smart plug works with a secured 2.4GHz wireless network.

· You can also use simple voice commands with your smart plug through Google Assistant or Alexa.

You can stack this plug in the same outlet since it is comparatively smaller than other smart plugs due to its compact design. The ‘Grouping’ option lets you connect your smart plug with other Kasa Smart gadgets. Thus, you can control those gadgets with just a single tap on your smartphone.

Wrapping Up,

2020 has turned our world upside down. From nationwide lockdowns to work from home routines, we have encountered a lot of new norms this year. So, why not upgrade your smart home too to adapt to the change outside? Now is the time to move forward. And installing the best smart gadgets in your home is one of the ways to do that.

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