Xbox Game Pass: Play tons of PC Games for just 1$

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The gaming industry is steadily growing and evolving inthe past years.
After the Pandemic hit, more and more people spend hours on gaming and
discovering new games to have a great time. Be it any
Co-op games,
single-player or multiplayer games. There’s something for everyone.

Many PC gamers are looking for new games to try, and most of them aren’t
aware of the Xbox game pass, which allows you to play some of the most popular
game titles for just 1$.

Moreover, there are 100+ games to get your hands on, including genres
like action, adventure, open world, and many more. Games like Forza, Halo, No
Man’s Sky, Fallout, World war Z are available. There are even a few games that
can run on

Not just that, Microsoft has recently announced that soon they will be
adding EA Play to the Xbox game pass where you can get your hands on EA’s game
titles for the same fees.


How to Buy and Download Xbox Game



All you need is to create a Microsoft account or log in with your
existing. Go to Xbox official site and click on the Xbox game pass. There you
will see the option to join now.

There are three plans in total. The first one is Ultimate, which
includes Xbox live, and the second one is for both Xbox and PC. The last one is
for PC only, which you can opt for if you don’t have any console.

After completing the payment,
download and install the Xbox app for windows 10. Once the app is installed, go
through the store and download any game you would like to play. You can sort
the game list by filtering the genre type.

If the Xbox app doesn’t work or open
properly, make sure your windows are up to date.


Here are some of the most popular
games you should try that are available on Xbox Pass :


1. Sea of thieves

Set your squad up for a pirate
adventure where you will be sailing through various islands and outposts for
quest and tasks to find hidden treasures. You will come across other ships with
live players around the map. Mysteries of skeleton king and many other thrilling
stories of Cpt. Crook that your crew will discover in this ultimate co-op
adventure. 1-4 players are supported to play co-op.


2. Gears of War 5


Gear of War series is one of Microsoft's best selling games. Gears 5 is the latest installment of Gears of war. The campaign is phenomenal as it manages to add something entirely different for this new installment, making it another unique GOW game that follows the story GOW fans know and love. Modes like horde and versus are super fun to play along with your friends.



3. Forza horizon 4


Forza Horizon series is famous among racing games.
Forza Horizon 4 is a masterpiece as it will take your driving experience to a
whole new level. The open world is gorgeous for free roam. You will discover
dense forests, towns, and cities. Go for an offroad adventure as you have all
the freedom to explore. Challenge others in online mode with cars like BMW,
Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Buggati, and many more.



4. Halo MasterchiefCollection


This Collection includes all the 6 Halo games from the
beginning. If you are new to Halo, you can start fresh with it. The storyline
is fascinating and compelling, along with some great shooting mechanics.
Moreover, the multiplayer mode has many things to do as the game has over 120


5. Subnautica


An Open world game sets in underwater where your ship
got crashed into a deep alien Ocean. You can play this game according to your
playstyle. Either explore through a vast open-world where you will get to see
sea creatures or follow the storyline to build a massive base. The story is
crafted perfectly, and interaction between elements is smooth. Overall, a
must-play game for those who like survival and crafting games. Unfortunately,
the game doesn’t have any co-op to play with friends.


Note: The Xbox pass will cost 1$( 50 INR) for the
first month. After that, you will be charged 14$ for the next month.

EA Play will be joining the Xbox game pass this
December, where you can play games like Titanfall 2, Fifa, Battlefield, and

Xbox App is also available on Mobile devices to track new game alerts,
explore the game library, and play games on your Android mobile phone or tablet
from the cloud (Beta).

It’s a great deal
to try new games at a low price. New games are added frequently to the Xbox
game pass, and there are many in-game perks available to redeem.




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