Top Multiplayer Games to Try with your Squad

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Gaming has evolved quite a lot in the past few years. Gone are those days when you had to buy games from stores and go to your friend’s house to play games together.

Online gaming made this doable as we all can enjoy gaming sessions together with our friends and family while sitting at home, especially during this pandemic.

Here’s a list of some most trending Multiplayer games to try with your squad for an endless amount of fun.

1. Valorant

Platform: PC

Riot’s newest 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant has already created a sensation among gamers as the game offers similar gameplay and shooting mechanics as Counter-Strike.

The two teams will have to play half of the rounds as an attacker and defender. Attackers need to plant the spike to win the round or either kill all the opponents, whereas defenders have to defend the bomb site from planting.

Agents and their various abilities are the exact things that make it different than Counter-Strike. You can choose from a variety of agents according to your playstyle. However, valorant is high coordination and skilled based game.


2. Among Us

Platform: PC | Mobile

Among us showed up in the limelight after two years from the initial release. Thanks to all streamers and creators who are having tons of entertainment. The concept of the game is familiar to games like Deceit and Gary’s mod.

There can be a maximum of 10 players where innocents need to perform tasks while imposters have to kill others in order to win the game. There’s a voting system by which each player votes to kick someone by convincing and manipulating others.

Moreover, you need to be aware of the dead bodies around you and be more like a detective to identify the imposters. You can download it for free on Android and IOS.


3. Fall Guys

Platform: PC | PS4

Another one of the trending multiplayer co-op games, Fall Guys based on 60 players battle royale, where the last person to complete the finish line will be victorious. Not just that, players have to go through numerous types of obstacles like jumping over, dodging along with some right timing.

Above all, the gameplay is smooth and swift, as there’s almost nothing to learn in advance. The character’s movement is funny enough to keep you engaged for hours.

The game is currently available on PS4 and PC. However, developers might launch the mobile version soon.


4. Marvel Avengers

Platform: PC | XBOX ONE | PS4

A perfect game for all the Marvel fans out there. Square Enix recently launched its third-person action game Marvel Avengers. The story mode can’t be playable with friends, but few missions are on the war table supporting Co-op up to 3 players.

Moreover, you will have the option to play as your favorite agent like Iron man, hulk, black widow, Kamala khan, etc. The storyline is just too compelling, along with some gorgeous graphics to make an overall experience.

Gear up with your squad to save the earth with some action-packed gameplay. You can purchase Marvel avengers from the Steam store.


5. Call of Duty Warzone

Platform: PC | XBOX ONE | PS4

Call of duty Warzone is a 150 player battle-royale game that has gone through significant updates as initially, the game had some terrible reviews. Although currently, warzone is a must-try game for any battle royale fan.

The gulag system of getting a second life after winning a dual with another person who has died is an interesting way to avoid one death being the end to a quad or trio’s chance to victory.


Overall, the map size is pretty huge and loaded with engaging elements like loot boxes, vehicles, and buildings. 


 6. Rising Storm 2

                                  Platform: PC only

Get indulged into a realistic war experience in Rising storm 2 developed by Antimatter Games. A 64 players game, which is quite similar to battlefield games. The Map sets up in Vietnam sprawled by mines, traps, and tunnels that get action-packed and chaotic.

Play as US Army Marines or ARVN forces as there are several forces to choose, and every force has a different weapon load-outs. There are over 50+ weapons in this game, including classic guns like AK-47, M4, Flamethrower, and DP-28.

Not just that, you can even operate choppers to provide aerial assist to your teammates. The community is active, and there are some great community servers, where people communicate well and play towards the objectives. A must-have for FPS Fans.


 7. Rocket League


Platform: PC | PS4 | Xbox one | Switch

Rocket league is a unique soccer-style game with cars and a combination of racing and sports. Play along with your friends or with bots to do all kinds of acrobatic stunts to score a goal.

The game itself seems casual and fun. However, it requires skills to control the ball in mid-air or to intercept. There are many ways to play with different game modes like Chaos, hoops, and snow day.

Rocket League is currently free in the Epic store for a limited period. Get yourself a copy now and start having fun.











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