Smart Cars Are Here To Stay, How Do They Work?

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Smart Cars Are Here To Stay, How Do They Work?



Technology is advancing very rapidly in all sectors and the
automotive sector is not far behind. We can find enormous advances both in
terms of driver aids and safety by auto
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What Are Smart Cars?

A smart car is capable of changing the way you interact with
your environment. In other words, a smart car refers to several

management: performs vehicle performance and efficiency diagnostics. Something
that has been with us for some time and is almost imperceptible.

– Driver support with applications: there are several
navigation applications and others that allow interacting with the vehicle
remotely. They are very similar to those of a smartphone.

– Applications of action on the vehicle: in the future they
will be the most important because it seems that there is a certain tendency to
eliminate manual driving.

Automated driving can offer a faster and more predictable
reaction. They could even control traffic jams or regulate parking.

How Do Smart Cars Work?

Artificial intelligence and robotics installed in vehicles
minimize the chances of errors occurring. They decrease the chances of
 and increase pedestrian safety.

Those autonomous category vehicles are fed by information from
sensors, maps and intelligent calculations, based on a series of algorithms
that are increasingly precise.

Some of the technologies that can be seen in some vehicles are:

Smart Windshield

All the information required by the driver is available on these
windshields. Consumption, signals, speed or navigator information
superimposed on the front windshield.


Transparent Body

This innovation aims to improve visibility. With a camera
system, the driver can see all angles, including the hood or pillars.

Night vision camera

This technology is also aimed at improving visibility. It
works by means of an infrared system and is able to distinguish whether what is
in front of it is an animal, a cyclist, an inanimate obstacle or a pedestrian.


A unique light is incorporated into vehicles that, when crossing
a car, reduces the light beam so as not to interfere with other drivers.

These are just a few of the innovations that can be found in an
autonomous car.

Consequences: Improved Road Safety

High-tech cars are controlled by on-board computers with radars,
sensors and different types of systems that allow navigation without human
action. As you have seen, road safety is one of the biggest concerns in
these smart cars and technology is a complement to improve and avoid potential

The technology aims to improve driving, assist travelers, reduce
the impact in the event of an accident or make an emergency call by specifying
the location of the car.

All these advances favor the development of smart cars, although
despite this name, we must have car insurance that allows us to be
calm on trips.


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