A great Fan made Game: Pokemon Insurgence

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What is Pokemon Insurgence?

Pokemon Insurgence is a game based on a famous cartoon series Pokemon. This cartoon is still showed on CartoonNetwork. Actually this is a fan made game. If you are a fan of Pokemon cartoon series than you will love to play this game.

How many Characters have this game?

                                             Image credit: Deviantart

The characters of this game can be divided into Three parts. These are –


1.Rivals: This part has two characters. One is Damian, a young boy who wants to be a Pokemon trainer. He will be your first friend in this game.

And the second is Nora, a young talented trainer. She is a partner of the Legendary Pixie Celebi. She will tell you the story of Pixie Pokémon.


2.Cult Leaders: This part has five characters and each of them are leaders of different cult.

I. Reukra:He is the leader of perfection.

II. Persephone: She is the leader of the Cult of Darkrai.

III. Audrey: She is the leader of the Abyssal Cult.

IV. Zenith: The leader of the Infernal Cult.

V. Jaern: He is the Leader of the Sky Cult. He is  considered as the strongest Pokémon Trainer of the region.


3.Gym Leaders: This part has eight characters and they are the leaders of different cities and town.

 a) Orion

He is the gym leader of Suntouched City. He is also a friend of mysterious white rock.

b) Xavier

He is the gym leader of Vipik City.

c) East

He is the gym leader of Helios City. He is also an ally of Jaern.

d) Harmony

She is the gym leader of Sonata City.

e) Anastasia

She is the gym leader of Kepler City.

f) Diana

She is the gym leader of Selene City. And she is girlfriend of Calreath.

g) Calreath

He is the gym leader of Amphitrite City.

h) Adam

He is the gym leader of Gaea Town . He is the First Augur.


There are also some characters such as Professor Sylvan, Taen And Gail.

Is Pokemon insurgence complete?

Yes this game is totally complete. All the bugs has been fixed and you can also obtain all type of Pokemon. ( streaming manga )


Can I play this on my mobile?


I am very sorry to say that no you can not play this game on your mobile. You can pla this game on your PC.

Can I Play offline?

No, you can not play this game offline. To Play this game you need to download the game also you need internet connection.

How can I download this game?

To play this game first you need to download the game. In this case first visit NearFile. Then search “ Pokemon Insurgence” , after that click on Pokemon Insurgence Download and it will start download automatically. Then you can install and play the game. You can join discord to play with your friends. Also you can take help from wiki fandom.     (manga stream)




Playing this game you can have the real Pokemon experience as a trainer. You will love to play this as a fan of Pokemon cartoon series. Don’t forget to join discord with your friends.





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