How do I learn Azure DevOps?

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Microsoft is one
of the largest cloud providers in the world, and its Azure certifications are
some of the most sought-after certificates among Indian IT professionals. With
Azure DevOps certifications, you’ll have a platform to offer end-to-end DevOps
tools that make building and deploying software apps easier.


If you are still
determining the easiest way to learn DevOps, dive into this article, as we will
share the best Azure courses you can take to grow and upgrade your skills and
become a DevOps engineering expert in your company.


But before we
proceed, let us start with the basics of Azure DevOps.

What is Azure DevOps?

DevOps is
quickly creating and deploying software to give end users a steady stream of
value. This is done through incremental software delivery. Multidisciplinary
teams follow the DevOps stages as they move their products through the delivery


Azure DevOps is a cloud-hosted service that includes the whole DevOps toolchain
for creating and releasing software. It’s an excellent way to organize a DevOps
toolchain because it works with the most popular technologies. The Azure DevOps course will prepare you to plan,
coordinate, collaborate, and ship faster with modern development services.


Opting for an
Azure DevOps course from a reputable online source benefits the company and the
professional thriving to upgrade their career to the next level. The Azure
DevOps platform may be connected with Azure’s infrastructure as code,
continuous monitoring, and continuous integration to provide a business with
all it needs.

Benefits of learning Azure DevOps

Let us go
through the benefits of learning Azure DevOps.


Azure DevOps
improves corporate efficiency and procedures. This gives you more time to
brainstorm throughout the workday, which means more time to adapt and invent
and more opportunities to succeed. As a result, the top companies invest more
time in creating new goods and strategies to improve results.

Boosts product quality

DevOps is a way
to improve the quality of the development cycle and make it less likely that
problems will come up that weren’t expected. Also, the amount of time and money
needed to fix security voids could be cut in half if they are thought about as
the product is being made. As a result, you’ll have more time and energy to
devote to other initiatives.


A valuable asset to the company

Nowadays, every
company is on the hunt for a new employee with a unique set of talents. This
aids in optimizing expenditures. Learning DevOps will make you a more valuable
asset to any organization. If you’re interested in learning how to make the
testing, development, and deployment of apps and software more efficient, then
studying DevOps is the way to go.

Top Azure DevOps certifications to opt for

If you want to
move up in your career, these certifications will help you get better jobs and
stay relevant in the modern business world:

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Certification
Training- Intellipaat

You can improve
your DevOps skills by taking one of Intellipaat’s many courses on Azure DevOps,
which are all taught by experts in the field. Cloud architecture, resource
management, virtual network connectivity, Windows PowerShell, and Azure
administration are some topics that students will cover in-depth throughout the
Microsoft Azure DevOps certification program.


This AZ-400
certification training will give you official Microsoft training materials for
“Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft
Azure” and “Implementing security in all modules of Azure

Azure DevOps- Cloud Guru

This course will
introduce you to Azure DevOps and its five constituent services. Find out what
Azure DevOps is, how it has evolved, and how to use it in your organization.
Also covered are Azure Pipelines for fully automated builds and releases and
Azure Repos for storing and managing pull requests for your code.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Certification Training
Course- Edureka

Professionals in
the field have meticulously crafted Edureka’s Microsoft Azure DevOps
Certification (AZ-400) Course to meet the market’s needs. After completing this
Azure DevOps course, you can confidently take the Microsoft Certified DevOps
Engineer Expert Exam.


With the
knowledge gained from this course, you’ll be better equipped to plan and
execute strategies for teamwork, centralized control of code, safety,
regulation adherence, and the smooth running of continuous integration,
delivery, and monitoring.

Azure DevOps Solutions Expert- Simplilearn

Learn the
fundamentals of cloud computing and how they’ve been used in Microsoft Azure
with the help of Simplilearn’s Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training Course.
Everything you need to know about Azure, including services, security, privacy,
compliance, trust, pricing, and support, can be found in this course.

Microsoft Azure DevOps From Scratch- Udemy

Anyone with even
rudimentary coding skills can get right into this course and be on their way to
deploying their web app using Azure DevOps with little more than a few clicks
in an IDE like Visual Studio Code. You will learn about the whole life cycle of
an application, from designing to deploying.


Anyone curious
about DevOps and Azure DevOps should take this course. Azure DevOps is a
software-as-a-service solution from Microsoft that helps with the software
development lifecycle, while DevOps is the culture that helps with it.


Azure DevOps is
expected to be an in-demand skill for IT workers in 2022. A certification in
Azure DevOps shows that you know much about DevOps, software development,
Azure, and cloud computing.


To pass the
Azure DevOps certification test, you must sign up for one of the best training
programs. Furthermore, they will boost employability and general skill levels
for many positions. Certification shows that you are an expert in the field and
have mastered the content, knowledge, and skills for that role. Candidates must
have a wide range of skills and knowledge, such as being familiar with DevOps
instrumentation, source control, and CI/CD.















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