Server Crush

criticism, controversy, misinformation, and updating of technology at
unexpected levels cause great fear in society, in addition to seeing that large
corporations fall in their attempt to achieve tremendous success in the
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James Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, and
Bill Gates projected the Metaverse.

The 21st
century has been characterized by going hand in hand with technology; in the
various sectors of daily life, what the Metaverse is has been projected, only
that on many occasions, it seemed to be just a term from the mecca of
entertainment and Science fiction.

characters who today leave a mark on history from their industries have
demonstrated what the Metaverse could be; James Cameron projected it in his
movie Avatar in 2009.

his part, Mark Zuckerberg took the first step in 2021, which allowed Bill Gates
to resume a concept of virtual reality where their companies could merge.

Metaverse is a concept created for companies where the opportunity to explore
new areas of investment and attract users who find great potential could lead
them to unimaginable financial and business success.

economy, finance, art, entertainment, health, and education are some sectors
that have shown great interest in getting involved with an ambitious project
that is 100% linked to technology, which could be a new form of digital

unlimited possibilities offered by the Metaverse may be the main attraction of
this new virtual reality, where carrying out daily activities such as working,
acquiring goods and services, or simply interacting with others would break the
geographical borders and diversity of aspects that in reality limit the
execution of many of these tasks.

The challenge is immersion.

in-depth ignorance of what the Metaverse brings to the digital market
represents a mixture of positions about the usual way we are used to seeing the
Internet and interacting within it, which will happen with Web2 or 2D virtual
worlds and 3D that exist today.

new term that has been given to the Internet is Web3, which represents the
accumulation of technology created in recent years; adding to this the
appearance of the blockchain, the tokenization of assets, and smart contracts,
among many concepts that have allowed the evolution of the services and
products offered on the web.

are too many technological and visual elements to which the big companies in
the Big Tech sector must adapt and create the necessary tools and instruments
so that the experiences allow users to immerse themselves in virtual worlds.

has recently found itself in the eye of the hurricane after not meeting the
needs or expectations of users of the virtual worlds that it dedicated itself
to advertising as the closest thing to the Metaverse of the future.

companies will also play a significant role since 5G technology, once
implemented worldwide, will allow immersive experiences to be carried out with
high connectivity and in real time.

5G technology prepares to receive the

new digital ecosystem, in which many will be in charge of making a friendly,
globally inclusive, and simple environment, where investments will transcend
expected levels, it is clear that it will need optimal technology that allows
maximum use of resources.

technology must be available that allows users from all over the world to
interconnect quickly and comfortably anytime and anywhere.

interaction with future users represents one of the essential elements, getting
to know in depth the needs and uses of telecommunications customers and their
impact on the immersion of the Metaverse.

element to consider and on which 5G technology has been focused is cyber
security, where the protection of information and personal data of each user
must be kept safe to avoid any violation of the same.


the Metaverse is a reality despite waiting for it to be definitively
implemented in about 10 or 15 years; virtual reality has been with us for quite
some time; what happens is that few have been submerged in it.

the launch of Meta and the inclusion of large corporations in what will be in
Metaverse, technology, and telecommunications companies have a much stronger
task; users’ needs are more demanding.


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