Server Crush


have been subject to multiple opportunities for theft, so control entities and
financial and security institutions have their eyes on any relevant situation
in this digital investment environment. Many people use trading platforms like
BitProfit and have invested in the Bitcoin

many occasions, due to the anonymity characteristic that digital transactions
offer, many hackers are dedicated to carrying out their research work, waiting
for the perfect investor to be attacked and somehow leave them without their
digital currencies.

all theft or hacking of passwords or trading accounts remain without justice.

is the most recent case in which the United States Department of Justice, after
arduous investigations and follow-ups, managed to find the most significant
crypto theft that occurred almost ten years after it was carried out.

Zhong’s robbery of the Silk Road
comes to an end.

summarize what happened with the theft of cryptocurrencies, everything happened
in 2012, when a young man known as James Zhong managed to enter the Silk Road
online store platform, taking it by storm in an amount greater than 50 thousand

having stolen such a considerable amount of money, the mind of the operation
managed to transfer the said sum to different addresses or wallets; what he
could not avoid were his photos on countless social networks where he
demonstrated the luxuries in which he was immersed.

life was kept in public view, even in the best seats at football games, as if
nothing had happened.

about cases of cryptocurrency theft is reasonably susceptible since
investigative work requires a professional team that knows the operation of
blockchain technology and, of course, cryptocurrencies.

many daily transactions are executed in the digital financial market, which is
why many unscrupulous users seek to take advantage of any carelessness, which
without imagining, can represent millions of dollars for any investor.

From living a life of luxury to being

young crypto user called himself a young investor in Bitcoin, with extensive
knowledge of internal operations; this already left a lot to think about the
young man since, at the beginning of 2014, he created a company under the
figure of LLC, registered as JZ Capital LLC.

company had venture capital investments as its corporate name; it was widely
linked to investment operations with cryptocurrencies.

never thought that the authorities would find his whereabouts; through an
exhaustive analysis of the blockchain, they managed to recover the more than
50,600 Bitcoins that were stored in an external device of the Raspberry Pi
type, in a container of popcorn under some sheets.

the competent authorities making public the rescue operation of digital
currencies in 2022, this maneuver was carried out in 2021, where perhaps the
value of these crypto assets could be more significant than 3,500 million

Justice drives the need for crypto

type of circumstance, having pleaded guilty to theft, tarnishes the crypto
assets market in a certain way since it invalidates in a certain way the
enormous capacities that exist to boost the economy through this type of

year 2022 may not have been the best year for digital currencies. Still, the
ability of the digital market to remain standing despite the adverse
circumstances of the environment has been demonstrated.

In a
certain way, these types of operations give support to cryptocurrency investors
and traders where, despite having spent many years, it is possible to recover
the illicitly extracted crypto active units.

is there where the control institutions worldwide have created legal instruments
that allow users of digital currencies to be able to have support at the level
of a legislative structure that contributes not only to the base technology,
such as the blockchain, but also to the various digital assets some protection
in terms of transactions that are executed in the network.


Over time, cryptocurrencies have
shown their ability to diversify their uses and storage, offering users
projects with a future and availability on various exchange platforms.

is essential to highlight the significance that Exchanges have for the
development of the digital financial market, and that is where most investors,
after selecting a project, must thoroughly evaluate the platform to be used.


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