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 Setting up your own homepage can be easy if you know how to do it; However, it can also be annoying if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Homepage setup is probably one of the most searched questions on Google. By default, different brands of phones have their own individual home pages. While Apple has consistent homepages on its devices, an average Android phone has another. Apple has only one line of phones from a single brand. However, Android is an open-source mobile operating system used by the people of the world, which makes varieties and lots of it.

Most brands use Google as their default homepage, especially Pixel phones, and you can guess why. All these different brands have their own different default homepages, and some have their own company page while some have Google as the default. So today you will learn how to set a custom content homepage on your phone by following a few simple steps.

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What is “content://”?

 Now you probably wonder what it means. No matter which Android smartphone you buy in the market, there will always be some pre-installed apps. Some links in these apps ask you which browser you want to open. While they don’t openly show you the code behind it looks like this – “content://” This link lets you set up a homepage on your mobile phone no matter what browser you use. This is not surprising as some of the most tech-savvy people around the world would not recognize it at first glance, although they do know it behind the scenes.

There are many internet browsers available to you on the internet. Windows operating system has defaults like Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. You have Firefox on Linux Kernels, Safari on Apple devices, and Google Chrome on Google Chromebooks. Each of these browsers is good, and ultimately none is better than the other. It all depends on one’s perspective and choices. 

Setting up your homepage using an Android phone is straightforward. If you are familiar with Android phones, you would know that all of them are similar in some way or the other. The only thing that varies between Android phones is the custom UI that each company builds for its own devices, leaving all the core components the same. The statement also implies that changing the homepage will be the same for all Android phones, irrespective of your device.

The steps below show you how to set up a custom homepage and use Google Chrome as your default browser because almost every Android user prefers Chrome over other browsers.

 How to set up your custom homepage (Content:// we will discuss

Opening the browser of choice is relatively straightforward as you have to open the browser you like and the browser you want, the custom homepage. You should be aware that setting a homepage in one browser will not automatically set it in another browser. 

So, click on the globe or internet icon, whichever you have on your phone. It should be a colored circle with a small blue circle in the middle for Google Chrome.

Go to Settings Getting to Settings is easy too; Click on the three vertical dots, usually on the upper-right side of the screen. Here, you will see different options, which tell about your browser. 

Go to General Settings. You need to access this tab to change the homepage to the custom page. The most common homepage settings will be in the General section. However, most browsers do not have any sections available. In that case, skip it completely and follow the next step. 

Set Homepage Here, you need to set the homepage URL that you need as your custom homepage. The Home tab should be in the General section of Settings. Here, the default will be a black space with translucent writing, or it will contain the default website URL. If you change this, the chosen homepage will appear the next time you open the browser. 

If you don’t enter a valid URL, the custom homepage won’t load, so be sure to double-check the URL you posted. Also, if you want the current homepage URL, click “Use current page”.

 Installation As an Android user, you cannot end your day if you do not have a Chrome browser. There is no doubt that Chrome is the most used browser for Android, and even Apple users sometimes prefer Chrome over Safari. 

How To set Chrome as your default browser, follow these steps –

 Go to the Google Services setting in your phone’s Settings.

 Tap the Apps tab in your Settings. (All Android phones have this) Go to the “Default apps” section. Navigate to the Browser app for the default brand. 

Tap on Advanced Default apps for the Browser app. Now select Chrome as your go-to internet browser If you want to create a custom homepage that you use more often than your default website, these steps will definitely make your life a lot easier. However, often you will find that most people.

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