DVR Truck Cameras: Equip Your Vehicle with Extra Vision

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The fact that you are driving a long truck or pickup doesn’t mean you have to have a blind spot about what’s going on at the back. Many countries are starting to pass laws requiring drivers and transport agencies to fix reversing cameras in their vehicles to help reduce the risks of rear-end collisions. Thanks to the rapid advances made in in-vehicle camera technology, digital video recorders (DVRs) have become highly effective and affordable.

Top manufacturers such as EyeRide offer smart DVR truck cameras that feature GPS features to allow fleet managers to track their vehicles everywhere. Whether you manage a fleet of trailers or have an RV, it’s important to consider equipping your vehicle with extra vision capabilities. Most vehicle surveillance camera systems are easy to install, and you can adjust the camera angles to capture what is happening around your truck.

Why you install a DVR truck camera

The days of straining your neck to view traffic behind are almost over, but just how prepared are you to invest in a “third eye” to give you a complete picture of the road? There is no doubt that reversing cameras are poised to transform the road transport sector. In some parts of the world, backup cameras are already mandatory. You can attach them to the rear of your car or maybe close to the center. The cameras can both record and transmit the footage to a monitor mounted on your dashboard. A console display together with your rearview mirror will greatly enhance your visibility on the road without you having to strain your eyes and neck.

Some DVR truck cameras come with smart sensors that create a beeping sound when your vehicle is in proximity to another obstacle. The majority of DVRs have grids of lines that appear on the screen to provide an idea of how close you are to objects behind you. While some backup cameras only record a simple rear view, EyeRide truck cameras offer a wide-angle view. They are highly useful for long and large vehicles, including trucks and buses, and trains. You can visit to get advanced DVR cameras for your truck.

Upgrade your backup cam

Just because your car has a rearview camera or mirror doesn’t mean you are safe. There is still a need for you to constantly upgrade your vehicle camera software and the camera itself. Some vehicle camera software options allow for additional integration of new cameras to existing systems. If you don’t have the technical skills to connect your cameras, you can always call on the experts to get it done for you.

Having said that, if you use an older vehicle model that lacks a reversing camera, it’s a good decision to consider installing one right away. Just like dashcams, it’s better and safer to get a rearview camera.

How do I get the best DVR truck camera?

When buying backup cameras or DVR truck cams, you should consider expert opinions and consumer ratings before making a choice. This will help you select the right camera for your vehicle.

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