Why Look for Inspiration in Online Technology Art Galleries?


Art has a compelling quality of
inspiring people and pushing their creativity to newer levels. It builds the
art lovers’ thinking capacity and helps exercise their imagery.

Motivation & Inspiration from
art is here to stay. Since reaching out to the actual paintings can be
cumbersome and time-consuming, the easiest way to get inspired is to look at
online art galleries. 

Online art galleries don’t only
provide a gamut of themes and artists but they help in choosing the right
frame, right custom masterpieces. They also help with timely deliveries for
occasions and their own use. Here are some of the oil paintings that can
elevate art lovers.

Bruce Lee Fight Stance

One of the most iconic and
recognizable faces in the history of mankind is the legendary Bruce Lee. He has
inspired generations of martial art lovers, moviegoers, and the art world. His
mastery over his craft made him ubiquitous in households in the form of

The artist’s capture of Bruce Lee
in his signature fight stance is praise-worthy. The dark smudges in his body
depict power and inner strength. His hand gestures are a signal to the enemy to
back-off. The use of a dark background is to make the character godly by
highlighting muscle lines.

Bringing this piece of inspiration
home means accepting the virtues of handwork, discipline, and perseverance! It
binds the owners to an unsaid commitment to standing up for themselves and for
what is right.

The Origin of the World

This provocative artwork has been
both a subject of uproar and revolution in the 19th century. Gustave inspires
the world. He exposes the hedonistic and hypocritical society that accepts
eroticism and even pornography yet shuns the elegance and importance of women
in society.

His mere focus on the genital of
the woman is a depiction of the sanctity of womanhood and the respect it
deserves. The casual posture of the woman on the bed depicts normalcy and a
desire to take away the ogles of men. 

This graphic artwork brings a sense of revolutionary
thinking in the household. It inspires owners to not get influenced by popular
belief. It also imbibes a culture of equal respect and love for women in

The Return of the Prodigal Son c. 1669

One of the most
inspiring and compelling stories told in the world is that of the return of the
prodigal son. It accentuates the relationship between a father and son. It is
available on
in made-to-order oil form.

Rembrandt’s perfect
capture of the repenting son falling to his father’s feet is awe-inspiring. The
detail in the father’s clothing and the company he keeps is a depiction of his
wealth and power as a king. The father’s hands on the son depict forgiveness
and hospitality. 

This beautiful moment
deserves to be hung in the living room of any household. It teaches the
children that their parents are always there for them. It creates warmth in the
family and them to an undying bond. 

The Declaration of Independence


This monumental artwork by John
Trumbull is a constant inspiration to Americans. It motivates the art world to
persevere for freedom and the pursuit of happiness. This piece imbibes in
everyone to follow the constitution of their country.

Trumbull’s capture of this moment
is a work of memory more than imagery since he was present to witness it. The
posture of standing men is a depiction of the right to speech and express. The
detailed audience depicts the who’s who of American politics witnessing the
signing of papers.

This painting deserves
to be in every household that believes in democracy, irrespective of which
country they are from. It sends out a message of progressive attitude and the
virtue of equal voice among all family members, irrespective of age and gender.

Leonidas at Thermopylae 1814

If there is one important battle
that is etched in Spartan history is that of the battle at Thermopylae. It
inspires bravado and courage. This moment in history even motivated the
moviemakers who made a classic presentation called “300”. A tale of 300 Spartan
men vs an ocean of the Persian army!

Jacques’ depiction of the hot
gates, where the battle was fought, is well captured by the small arch behind
the characters that leads to the Persian borders. The posture of Leonidas
suggests defiance and extreme courage. The bodies of the spartan army suggest
they were descendants of Hercules himself. 

A custom
painting of this beauty in the living rooms of households means membership to
respect and honor. It brings the family together against all odds. It inspires
them to not budge from their principles and face their fears with an iron hand.


The 1st Art Gallery has a collection of many such
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oil form and delivery worldwide.

Their ability to
advise and handhold even a newbie who doesn’t understand art is commendable. A
visit to their website for an array of art galleries is a must for anyone who
votes for progress and individuality. 

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