Top 10 Project Management Certifications in Demand


1. Associate in project management:

The GAQM or the Global Associate for
Quality Management takes the responsibility of administering Associate Project
Management. The following is a non-profit organization that offers
certifications across a wide range of Information Technology specialties. The
project management certifications provided by GAQM lay emphasis on a wide
knowledge base and focus on efficient resource allocation, clear direction,
efficient communication, and assurance of quality deliverables at very low
risk. The following is an entry-level credential that has helped a lot of


2. BVOP Certified Project Manager:

BVOP is the acronym of Business
Value-oriented principles. The following is a newer agile-oriented framework that
is rapidly gaining popularity in the United Kingdom. BVOP lays emphasis on business
value in all the activities related to project management as well as practices.
The following certification is meant for senior practitioners who have
experience in people management and project management. The emphasis on a
people-based culture sets the following apart from various other certification
programs and project management programs.


3. Certified Associate in Project

The CAPM credential is awarded to the
candidates by PMI (Project Management Institute). The certification of CAPM is
the precursor to PMP (Project Management Professional). The following is one of
the finest project management certifications which candidates can avail themselves of in life. The CAPM credential has provided the individual numerous new
opportunities which can help them to enhance their career. For the individuals
who don’t have a college degree and what to achieve the PMP credential, CAPM is
the perfect certification for them.


4. Certified Project Director:

The Certified Project Director
certification awarded by GAQM is one of the highest-level project management
certifications. The following certification is designed for individuals who are
experienced in the field of project management and are indulged in numerous
tough programs as well as projects. The following lays more emphasis on
budgeting, managing, and determining the scope for numerous projects as well as
project teams. These teams operate on mitigating and assessing the
interdependent risks for delivering the projects successfully.


5. Certified Project Management

The CPMP or the Certified Project
Management Practitioner certification is awarded to the candidates by the
EC-Council which was formed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001
in order to address the problem of cyber terrorism as well as the information
security of a nation. The following is meant for the project managers who wish
to benchmark their expertise through practical experience over numerous
management tools and techniques. The aim of the
PMP Training in Philadelphia PA course is to add more value to the
management professionals by enhancing the managerial leadership and  technical expertise.


6. Certified Project Manager:

The CPM or the Certified Project
Manager certification is one of the globally recognized credentials of IAPM
(International Association of Project Managers). The following is one of the
four different project management certifications offered by IAPM. The following
certification is meant for candidates who have a piece of foundational knowledge in
the field of project management. The following also involves the basics of
making strategies, execution of different projects, and organization of things. The
certification exam of CPM covers the soft and hard aspects of project


7. Certified Scrum Master:

The utilization of the principles of
Agile has become more standard these days. Hence, the fact is not surprising
that the Information Technology practitioners who are specially qualified for the management of projects in an 
Agile environment have high demand. The certification
of CSM or Certified Scrum Master is a huge jumping-off point for the project
managers starting their career as Scrum practitioners. The Scrum Alliance which
offers the following credential is actually a non-profit organization which
supports the adoption of practices of Scrum.


8. Master Project Manager:

The MPM or the Master Project Manager
certification is modeled by AAPM or the American Academy of Project Management.
The following is specially designed for the project managers after the
“professional licensure” model which numerous individuals like engineers,
doctors, pilots, and lawyers follow. The America Academy of Project Management
lays emphasis on the professional project managers but the following also
includes professionals with technical management responsibilities and business


9. CompTIA Project+

The CompTIA Project+ credential is the entry-level credential that is roughly on par with the CAPM credential offered
by PMI. The following takes place even if the requirements are less stringent. The
CompTIA Project+ takes the feedback from the computing industry, research institutions,
computing industry, academia, and independent experts to design the credential.


10. Project Management Professional:

The PMP of the Project Management
Professional is the top-level certification in the field of project management.
Numerous individuals have gained a lot of benefits after availing of the following
certification. The following has also provided them numerous career
opportunities to enhance their career to a great extent. The following
certification is highly in demand and this is the reason due to which
organizations are looking forward to recruiting candidates with the following

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